Bramasole, designer perfumes

There are eight fragrances that make Bramasole a company of absolute quality and one of a kind: Dark & Sweet, Vetyvain, Tuberose Temptation, Venus Rose, Jasmine Bride, Dionysus Fig, Eternal Cedar and Alchemical Spice.

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Craftsmen in wood

ART 5 wooden doors and windows meet the highest standards in their field, designed to perfection and made using innovative technologies: «The world of doors and windows – says company vice president Stefano – has evolved a lot and uses technologies that were unthinkable until recently. The materials must be aesthetically pleasing and at the same time perform their function very well: we are always careful to minimize their impact, letting a lot of light and therefore the view of the landscape through».

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Ozone therapy at the Adler Hotel, looking into the future

The scientific community agrees that all pathologies and disfunctions that undermine our well-being originate from a chronic inflammatory state and/or from a lack of ‘tissue’ oxygen. Poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, poor breathing, habitual use of prescription medicines, are all factors that contribute to activating the processes of chronic silent inflammation and, at the same time, cause a reduced supply of oxygen to the tissues

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Recent Editorials

Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Culture and Events, Featured

The Valley of Piero and Raphael

The Valle Museo [Valley of the Musems] comes closer. What is meant by this expression? Is it said that it was coined a few good decades ago by the Castello gallery owner Luigi Amedei and then became an effective (if abused) synthesis for interregional tourism and cultural policies between Città di Castello and Sansepolcro.
Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Culture and Events

Less than seven degrees between Piero and Frida

In this extraordinary “photo album” often painful events in her life pursue one another but she remained always passionate about her life, her loves, friendships and adventures.
Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Catering & Producers

Borgo di Celle, enchantment in the green

The restaurant is open every day and always offers an à la carte menu. The chef provides classic Umbrian cuisine using only the best fresh seasonal products, carefully selected and of the highest quality. Each dish is beautifully prepared and designed to bring out local aromas and flavours – brilliantly accompanied by an impressive wine list, drawn up by professional sommeliers.