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Founded in 2003, Valley Life is a group of glossy magazines, in both Italian and English, and located and distributed in various areas throughout Central Italy.

Each magazine publishes contents of various kinds: articles on culture, history and art, opinion pieces, articles on fashion, lifestyle and health and well-being – as well as on food, hospitality and catering. Its contents have in fact been a topic of academic research because of their cultural value and stylistic quality. Many companies, associations and professionals, Italian and from all over the world, have made themselves known to a vast audience of readers through magazines, and today also on these web pages.

The Valley Life magazines are created by a fabulous team of young journalists, designers and communication experts.

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Numerous other editions of Valley Life in Italy and around the world are being studied and worked on. Do you want to be in charge of the magazine in the area where you live? Do you think you have the capacity?

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