Jutta Wilhelm Coerper – Artist and Designer

Jutta was born in Coblenz in the Rhineland in Germany during the War, and went to study art and design in Dusseldorf.  She had always dreamed of leaving Germany to travel, and spent a year abroad studying and working in Rome.  When, after 6 years of art school, the possibility to spend a period in South Africa working for a textile company presented itself, the young Jutta jumped at the opportunity. 

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La Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano – A History in Wine

Founded in July of 1937 as a cooperative of fourteen local winemakers who banded together to facilitate both the production and the sales of their wines.  Vecchia Cantina bottled its first wine in 1940 during the war.  After the difficult war years, in the 1950’s and the reorganization of the lands, the Vecchia Cantina acted as a driving force for wine production in the area, a role that they cover to this day with the over 400 member vineyard owners and over a thousand hectares of vineyards producing around seven million bottles of wine annually.

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A Bishop’s Home in Tuscany

The oldest part of the house, the central tower, goes back to the 15th century, its original incarnation being a watchtower protecting Tuscany’s flank with Papal Umbria. It became a house when two wings to the left and right of the tower were added in 1771 by the Tommasi family, whose coat of arms adorns a large stone set into the wall above the main door.

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The fairy tale of L’Incanto

And if you’re in the mood for meat, this is where you have to have dinner! The meat menu offers a choice of top quality, with types from all over the world, such as Japanese Kobe and Irish Angus. The room has special refrigerators for maturing, thanks to which cuts are subjected to a process of minimum 30 days before being ready for consumption.

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Recent Editorials

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The Art Hotel Lucerna, a window on the world (and the Tyrrhenian Sea)

A historic and ground-breaking Riviera hotel, the Lucerna was founded in Castiglione della Pescaia in 1958 by Nello Raffi, Laura’s grandfather. In the same year, just think, that the famous Riva del Sole hotel opened. It was in 1972 that her parents Gino and Brunella started working so much there that the young Laura spent her youth here, breathing the air and life of the hotel in the management work as well as in the extraordinary ambience of encounters and acquaintances with the legendary characters of the time.
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I Due Cippi, the school of meat

The great knowledge of traditional products and old-fashioned recipes here offers unique dishes with true flavours that enrich the menu with originality and refinement. All raw ingredients used are carefully chosen and selected with attention to their source of origin  ̶  in the first place the succulent Chianina meat which, depending on the season, is accompanied by very high quality ‘side dishes’ such as porcini mushrooms and local truffles.
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A friendly place for cycle touring  

 “The Castiglionesi Trails are about 100 kilometres of paths in the depths of nature that connect the coastal area with the Castiglionese hinterland  ̶  explains Enzo Riemma, president of the Maremma Experience Consortium  ̶  making use of bike professionals, our associates, and folk from the Associazione Albero delle Idee who have been engaged in these activities since since 2013 in collaboration with the municipal administration we believe we can make these routes more usable for cycling tourism lovers.”