Umberto Pippolini’s ‘rediscovered’ Saint Francis

Saint Francis, alter Christus. Hearing about Umberto Pippolini’s research was really exciting, if only for the depth of his voice that ignites and becomes prophetic in tone. But why is the (re) discovery of Francis’ true face in his painting so important in a symbolic sense? Certainly the nature of the question, eminently metaphysical, which interprets the human need for transcendence –  is in this image an epiphany and a revelation of Christ himself, the mystery of life in his divinity. A view that satisfies an immediate desire: the existential need to embrace the Sacred, to have a direct perception of it, albeit mediated by art: “This image of Saint Francis is faithful to the Saint, for a more intrinsic reason than a simple hypothetical sum of somatic motifs; it is because it is both an image that you see and a reflection. Francis is reflected in the face of Christ, and from this derives his own face

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