Jutta Wilhelm Coerper – Artist and Designer

Jutta was born in Coblenz in the Rhineland in Germany during the War, and went to study art and design in Dusseldorf.  She had always dreamed of leaving Germany to travel, and spent a year abroad studying and working in Rome.  When, after 6 years of art school, the possibility to spend a period in South Africa working for a textile company presented itself, the young Jutta jumped at the opportunity. 

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Le Torri di Porsenna – A New Country House in an Ancient Abbey

Bruno and Marisella Batinti, after several productive years of hospitality experience with their business “Le Torri di Porsenna” (named for Chiusi’s ancient and powerful Etruscan king) found a new and inspiring site for their country house in Petrignano del Lago, in the Comune of Castiglione del Lago.  Overlooking the rolling hills and vineyards near to Lake Trasimeno, the new location for their country house and working vineyard is well named, as it is certainly fit for a king.

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La Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano – A History in Wine

Founded in July of 1937 as a cooperative of fourteen local winemakers who banded together to facilitate both the production and the sales of their wines.  Vecchia Cantina bottled its first wine in 1940 during the war.  After the difficult war years, in the 1950’s and the reorganization of the lands, the Vecchia Cantina acted as a driving force for wine production in the area, a role that they cover to this day with the over 400 member vineyard owners and over a thousand hectares of vineyards producing around seven million bottles of wine annually.

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A Bishop’s Home in Tuscany

The oldest part of the house, the central tower, goes back to the 15th century, its original incarnation being a watchtower protecting Tuscany’s flank with Papal Umbria. It became a house when two wings to the left and right of the tower were added in 1771 by the Tommasi family, whose coat of arms adorns a large stone set into the wall above the main door.

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Recent Editorials

Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Lifestyle

Getting married at Borgo di Celle

In the mind of every bride or in the imagination of every couple who intends to announce and seal its (hopefully) eternal union, there is a unique marriage, unrepeatable and never equal to others.
Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Culture and Events, Featured

An unpublished Sanzio

Among the novelties, the scientific color reconstruction of the first documented work of Raphael, the Coronation of Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, edited by Francesco Paolo Di Teodoro and Filippo Camerota, visible in the exhibition through a digital installation produced by the Museo Galileo in Florence, and the scientific account of the important restoration work, by the Central Restoration Institute (ICR), the banner of the Brotherhood of SS. Trinità, the only mobile work of the artist left in Umbria, now located at the Municipal Art Gallery of Città di Castello in the same room of the “Martirio di San Sebastiano’, by Luca Signorelli, one of the most studied artists by Raffaello in his youth. The restoration has allowed to fill some of the gaps present in the work and left ‘exposed’ in the previous intervention of 2006, always edited by the ICR.
Alto Tevere and Valtiberina Toscana, Culture and Events

My Saint Francis of Assisi

In a recent edition of Valley Life (n. 163, spring 2021) we had already told the passionate historical-documentary research of Umberto Pippolini on Francesco di Bernardone, better known as “Saint Francis of Assisi”. The exciting research of Umberto - esteemed professional and inexhaustible creative - ended with the release of the text, already available in the bookstore: “Il Mio San Francesco di Assisi - Alla ricerca della sua unica e vera immagine”.