by Rachele Pasqui


“Where the nightlife moves to the rhythm of music.”


Not far from the city of Arezzo, there is one of the long-lived and historic clubs of the area. Well known among different age groups, today it is the symbol of nightlife, where you can spend an evening with friends, dancing to the rhythm of the music.


“Il Principe”, gets it’s name from a club that opened in the seventies and marked the history of clubbing in the city.

In 2008, some members and friends of the “old” club, including the unforgettable Bruno Subbiani, had the idea of ​​recreating the club in Via Newton in Arezzo, keeping the old name “Il Principe”.

We meet Stefano Benassi in his office who tells us about his restaurant and beyond. He is keen to clarify, that today together with other partners, Fabrizio Biagioni and Marco Lucherini manage the CLASS 125 club in Via Madonna del Prato, a street in the heart of the city. The common goal of the two clubs is to give a greater offer of entertainment, involving a wide range of customers, ranging from the youngest to the most adult, organizing contemporary and revival themed evenings.

The Club Il Principe disco has had a facelift since and there are now two rooms. The restaurant is open for two Fridays a month and every Saturday.

In the central hall there is a “Dinner Show”, which lasts a couple of hours until after midnight – and then becomes a dance hall.

The evening’s catering is entrusted to the “Italian Taste” of Lodovichi, a leading brigade throughout the Arezzo area and beyond. An entire room is set up for the buffet appetizer with various islands full of delicious dishes accompanied by an appetizer by the glass, then continues with the dinner courses in the traditional way with the first, second courses and dessert.

This rhythm is very important because it makes the dinner show a convivial way to meet and get to know each other, and especially to eat well.

The direction is entrusted to Dario Migliorini, who takes care of organizing the music and the show every evening.

At reservation-table is advisable for large groups. They are accompanied to table and a waiter will then bring them a seau a glace with bottles of alcohol, drinks and glasses.

Entering the club you notice a great care, the security given by a large number of stewards, while the beverage offer is presented by barmen trained in the disco.

This is precisely what makes “Il Principe” a unique reality of its kind. The cocktail bar is has only quality products and drinks, and even the most “simple” cocktails the Gin Tonic for example  is made only Gin Premium.

There are various types of Gin, Vodka and Champagne. Here you can drink with great satisfaction, with unquestionable quality and service.

The barmen follow refresher courses continuously; it is the philosophy of the place to make them grow professionally within it, in order to create a motivated and close-knit staff.

This is not a simply a club but a family business, where every detail is studied to make the guest a pleasant evening.