By Simone Bandini


The mind is the origin of all evil, but it is also the origin of all happiness”


About forty years ago Aldo Oneto left for India in search of a deeper inner perspective, studied ancient techniques of meditation and, after numerous experiences in the world of spirituality, returned to Italy. In 1982 he joined the Merigar Tibet Centre, located on the slopes of Monte Amiata, established  for those who want to develop their spirituality and he worked there tirelessly. With great passion he learnt the fundamentals of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and has enthusiastically devoted himself to the art of Tibetan massage and meditation.


His desire for knowledge grew stronger and he got to know many European countries; he attended courses, participated in various seminars and increasingly enriched his understanding into a real philosophy of life. Since 2005 he has been holding training courses, honing the communication and individual contact skills that allowed him to qualify as a specialized instructor.

Aldo expresses himself through the Ku Nye massage, a traditional Tibetan massage that was born more than 3900 years ago in the ancient kingdoms of Tibet. A practice belonging to the ancient Tibetan Medical Tradition, the Sowa Rigpa: a system of natural holistic medicine that, over the centuries, has researched and developed forms of therapeutic treatment for our physical and psychological ailments.

In ancient times the Tibetan people practiced Ku Nye using specific oils, plants, medicinal herbs and roots to treat imbalances and diagnose diseases caused by a wrong way of eating and lifestyle. With the passage of time the Tibetan medical system has been enriched by new elements, assimilating other medical traditions such as the Greek, Persian, Indian and Chinese, creating a deep and essential medical toolkit.

Ku Nye today is considered one of the best external treatments to rebalance the function of the Five Elements of which the physical body is formed: Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Its benefits include the elimination of toxins stored in the physical body, promoting an increase in vitality, reducing and relieving various types of pain and painful syndromes. This form of massage can alleviate nervous disorders such as insomnia, depression and anxiety and is effective for back problems, and ailments such as headaches, joint pain, menstrual issues and metabolic disorders and generally promotes individual wellbeing.

The term Ku means ‘to anoint the body with specific oils’, chosen according to the type of person, their physical constitution and the type of skin. In the first phase, manoeuvres are practiced to produce heat that allow the oil and other substances to penetrate the epidermis, then we move on to the second phase, the Nye which consists, instead, in the actual massage, i.e. the deep manipulation of skin, nerves, ligaments and energy corridors.  

The massage starts from the head, then proceeds slowly along the whole body, rubbing muscles and tendons. The movements are practiced with the fingers and the palms of the hands, releasing the body and its tensions, eliminating the negativity of the person and allowing a new flow of energy.

Aldo, with his skilled hands, manages to lighten the spirit and give a new vitality to the body. The precious oils, the result of long studies, have a soothing effect on the negativities that oppress the spirit. This holistic therapy together with a balanced diet, stimulates general psychophysical well-being. Today Aldo is an international teacher who lives and works in Bagnore – part of the municipality of Santafiora and, with the collaboration of Doctor Phuntsog Wangmo, is engaged in the study of Diet and Behaviour, at the ATF Foundation Tibetan Medicine School of the Dzogchen Tenerife Community .


Aldo Oneto also practices at home in compliance with anti-covid regulations: for information and reservations tel. 338 9593865/