By Simone Bandini


Like in a castle, the fairy tale of the most beautiful day.



We returned to Borgo di Celle after discovering, in the two paste editions, the structure guarded by the ancient medieval village and the well-kept gourmet restaurant. Ewe find ourselves again in the presence of chef Gianfranco Termine and with him we have to deepen the formula for weddings that, already we anticipate, has its own identity and strong and defined exclusivity.


In the mind of every bride or in the imagination of every couple who intends to announce and seal its (hopefully) eternal union, there is a unique marriage, unrepeatable and never equal to others.

As already anticipated by the American magazine “Brides” in the summer, the vast majority of respondents declare that the last year and the global pandemic has led them to prefer ceremonies and more studied locations, personalized, with the use of details ‘made to measure’ and with a growing budget dedicated to guests – who must feel perfectly included, pampered and integrated in the celebrations.

Also ‘thanks’ to the restrictions due to Covid 19, the betrothed couple has rediscovered the very intimacy of the most beautiful day as well as its formality, privileging more slender and reserved brigades, however dedicating them an impeccable celebratory circle, from the ‘seating’ to the ‘mise en place’, from ultra-elaborate menus to scenic presentations of dishes: “intricate theories in equipment, refined and incredible cuisine with high-profile wines”. All in the fast-paced, mundane and glamorous atmosphere of an ‘upscale dinner party’, an elegant event to live and remember.

Borgo di Celle with its fantastic facilities – the restaurant “La Confraternita” and the wellness area set in the structure, is the perfect epiphany of this fairy-tale desire.

“We studied ad personam solutions, with menus designed on the expectations of each couple, being able to use the village in its entirety. A dynamic and itinerant wedding, if desired: from the panoramic swimming pool to the ancient square, from the intimate rooms inside to the marvellous terrace of the restaurant. From the aperitif to the buffet appetizer, the body of the reception made of main dishes is held inside – and the wedding cake, weather permitting, is presented and cut in the garden by the newlyweds”, explains the chef manager Gianfranco Termine.

The bride and groom are granted exclusively, whatever an archaic concession to the festivities, the entire structure. A dream with no limits and no matter of time or logistics, to live all in one breath and until the last moment with your closest friends: since the village is isolated as a vessel suspended in the night, you can think of fireworks show even at three in the night!

“We thought of a small Cadeau for couples who come from outside the valley: an all-inclusive package including also a photographer, a representative car and free entrance (the next day) to the Spa for the bride and groom – who can immerse themselves in the warm waters of the pool with whirlpool, try swimming against the current and the jacuzzi, the sauna or Turkish bath and indulge in personalized treatments”, tells us again Termine.


Info: Borgo di Celle, Loc. Celle 7, CVittà di Castello (Pg) / Tel. (+39) 075 8510025 / Email: / Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 12:00 – 14:00 / 20:00 / 23:00

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