We are going through an unprecedented and particularly insidious period of human life. We have lost our  reference points. We are frequently gripped by a fear of the future, including the insecurity linked to the development of the pandemic and the risk of being infected by it.




All this has a negative effect on the spheres of our daily life. So, today more than ever, concrete help is required for everyone in need, through an all-round service that takes into account the economic necessities of the moment. The difficulties, as mentioned above, concern in particular precarious work situations, as well as problems with child management and family conflicts. In everything related to the sphere of psychopathologies there has been a worrying increase. Until recently, going to the office of a psychology specialist was synonymous with mental illness and, sometimes, shame. Today, finally, this stereotype can be said to have changed radically. More and more people, in fact, understand that in times of difficulty an expert and professional consultation is necessary. People who want to implement a change aimed at improvement or who want to be listened to in order to learn how to better manage their emotions and external situations now visit a psychologist.

Dr. Francesca Mariottini is enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Tuscany, and specializes in the  Psychology of the life cycle and its context. Her studio opened in January 2021 is in Abbadia San Salvatore, in the province of Siena.

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