Hairstyling is the art of cutting and styling hair. So, if you are looking for a work of art cut, the answer is certainly Freestyle Parruchieri, the salon inaugurated in 2003 by Natalia and Giovanna.


 “Our goal, explains Natalia, is always to find the right way to satisfy the needs of the person in front of us: to harmonize colours and shapes to create a perfect image for the wearer, to express their own being. One has to interpret the person, their aesthetic tastes, desires, and dreams. For example a young woman may prefer a short and decisive bob with a distinct fringe to emphasise the look, another waved hair, smooth or classic. The cutting system is based on precise techniques that allow you to create tailored and unique shapes for each customer, easy to maintain even at home; while colouring allows you to create works of art that convey the true essence of the wearer.” Entering Freestyle Parrucchieri one’s gaze is caught by the state-of-the-art equipment that helps create an environment completely in line with modern times; every corner is dedicated to hair and beauty care.

“Customers come from all over the Amiata, some even from outside the province or the region, people will travel a few kilometres more for what we offer and some take advantage of our subscription service that schedules their appointments for the whole year.” Everything used in the salon is first sterilized, from the welcome kit (kimono, cape, towel – all strictly personal) to the brushes: “those were the rules we followed well before the Covid era! – explains the owner – hygiene, technology, attention and custom service are our watchwords.” Speaking of technology: to make an appointment and stay up to date on news and special offers, the best way is through the ‘GoBooking’ app that can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. A fact that demonstrates the all-round attention to the person here is the possibility of having aesthetic treatments done at the same time as some hair care services, such as colour, bleaching or scalp treatments also body treatments such as manicures, pedicures and massages. Today people have less and less time, in this way we try to optimize it what they have. At Freestyle Parrucchieri, consultation is very important: “sometimes we ask for a live video before the appointment and, once in the salon, we offer the most suitable service only after a careful assessment of the scalp using the tricocamera.

The staff of Freestyle Parrucchieri, in addition to Natalia, are Giovanna, Valentina, Alice, Giorgia and Valeria: “We are a close-knit group, both friends and colleagues”, a synergy that can be perceived from their online video clips, real tutorials through which they explain the secrets, tips and techniques of hairstyling. But where does the salon technique come from? “The courses we attend, between Florence, Milan and London, boast the best hairstylists in the world and with us the enthusiasm to learn is ever-growing.” With an eye to health: “We only use products that respect the health and well-being of the hair”. Also on well-being, among the services on offer there is oxygen therapy: “it helps cell renewal, stimulating and remineralizing weakened hair.” Freestyle Parrucchieri began in 2003 from the experience of mother Giovanna and the passion and innovation of Natalia. In reality the story started with Grandmother Meri, in 1949. She had a shop in Piancastagnaio. Natalia is the third generation but she arrived here after a long period of training in a school and salon in Florence. From dream to reality.


Info: Freestyle Parrucchieri, Abbadia S. Salvatore (Si), Solo su appuntamento (orario continuato) / tel. 0577 779397 / Whatsapp 351 7799197 (App: GoBooking (Google Play/App Store)