Filippo Gennaioli is a busy man, an electrician with little time to spare for casual conversation during the workday. But this is a good sign, the sign of a thriving business. I am meeting with Filippo just as he gets off work, which currently involves directing eleven important worksites with a twelfth about to be added.


Despite the name of his company, “Corto Circuito” or “Short Circuit”, there is no shortage of work for this company which installs and maintains and repairs industrial and domestic electrical systems in Umbria and Tuscany and boasts an ever-growing number of clients in the Valdichiana.

Filippo started his business in 1995, after working for eleven years as a lighting technician for the theater all over Italy.  His working territory now, as a professional for electrical systems, covers the areas of Siena and Val D’Orcia, the Valdichiana and the Valtiberina in Tuscany, as well as the Lake Trasimeno area and other parts of Umbria and the Marche.  Filippo noddddw employs 4 co-workers who share his work ethic, “The result is important,” he states, “every system is tailored like a suit for the client.”

Filippo is particularly attentive to the quality of his materials and is interested in supplying his clients with products which reflect their respective lifestyles and tastes.  Care is taken right down to the light switch covers, which may be custom made, and the attentive placing of illumination.

The company offers a complete range of electrical services including the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.  Filippo expresses his own ideas about the use of renewable energy.

And with regards to responsibility he says, “For me it is already implied when I accept a job that I will carry out the maintenance and be responsible for my own systems.”  Earning the trust of clients is extremely important. “I care for the clients I take on and they need to be satisfied.” For this reason, even after the big jobs are completed, if a stray light bulb needs to be placed in a difficult spot, for his clients, Filippo is on the job.


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