When scientific innovation is at the service of health and beauty, surprising things can happen. This is the case with ozone therapy: an innovative procedure capable of increasing the amount of oxygen available to the body and giving excellent results in terms of both health and well-being. From today it is finally available in the Val d’Orcia, from the expert doctors at ADLER Med.

The scientific community agrees that all pathologies and disfunctions that undermine our well-being originate from a chronic inflammatory state and/or from a lack of ‘tissue’ oxygen. Poor nutrition, stress, lack of exercise, poor breathing, habitual use of prescription medicines, are all factors that contribute to activating the processes of chronic silent inflammation and, at the same time, cause a reduced supply of oxygen to the tissues.

“For us – the experts at ADLER Med explain – the initial examination is the first and vital step that allows us to reconstruct the patient’s history, investigate the causes of their disorders and understand what are the everyday issues to improve on in order to implement effective and active prevention.” The basic therapeutic approach therefore includes nutrition: “precisely because – they explain – we are then able to reprogram the metabolism, remove silent inflammatory processes from the body, as well as improve tissue oxygenation through teaching correct breathing.”

Various medical interventions that offer numerous benefits can be added to these fundamental aspects, such as Ozone therapy for example; now available at the ADLER Med centre in Bagno Vignoni (Municipality of San Quirico d’Orcia, in the province of Siena), as far as Tuscany is concerned, but, for those who wish, also in the Dolomites. Why ozone? “It is – the ADLER Med experts explain – a gas present in nature, also produced by the human body, which is formed from oxygen.” It has various properties: “It has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action, it is able to penetrate the internal structures of viruses, damaging the viral nucleic acids and thus preventing their replication. Its rebalancing action on the immune system corrects both immunodeficiencies and excess immune responses as in the case of allergies; it also promotes the elimination of toxic substances from the body, and promotes blood circulation, especially the microcirculation of the capillaries, useful in retinal therapy.”

What are the indications for ozone therapy? “It is used in a wide range of medical conditions, it is in fact successfully employed in the treatment of numerous pathologies, but also in the field of prevention and aesthetic medicine.” Regarding prevention: “Ozone improves tissue oxygenation and, consequently, has an effect of revitalization and raising general well-being. It counteracts the formation of free radicals, activates the mitochondrial antioxidant system, makes red blood cells more active, increases cellular energy production and therefore represents an effective anti-stress and anti-fatigue remedy.”

What are the positive effects of the therapy? “Amongst others it counteracts dysbiosis (imbalance of the intestinal bacterial flora) and is widely used in the treatment of chronic intestinal diseases, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and in the treatment of recurrent vaginal infections. Moreover, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is useful in cases of arthrosis, fibromyalgia, low back pain, neck pain and herniated discs.”

Due to its proven antiviral and antibacterial efficacy, oxygen-ozone-therapy has been authorized in some hospitals for the treatment of Covid19: it has brought encouraging results (in the case of relatively mild symptoms), with an acceleration of the healing process and above all a reduction in the fatigue that often accompanies convalescence.” It can also be used in aesthetic medicine: “Ozone therapy has a revitalizing effect on the tissues, with a consequent anti-ageing effect. In the aesthetic field, in fact, it is used to reduce swelling and heaviness in the lower limbs, dissolve localized adiposity and reduce cellulite blemishes.”

What about its administration? “Ozone can be administered in different ways, all certified by medical-scientific protocols authorized and approved by the Ministry of Health.” How is it carried out? “With local injections in orthopaedic pathologies, in herniated discs, in case of infections or localized inflammatory processes, and in aesthetic medicine. Rectal and/or vaginal insufflations in intestinal, autoimmune and tumoural pathologies. As a ‘small’ auto-hemo-infusion (intramuscular injection of 5-10 ml of ozonated blood) with an immunostimulating, regenerating and anti-asthenic effect; and as a ‘large’ auto-hemo-infusion (of 100-240 ml of ozonated blood) in cerebral and vascular pathologies, diabetes, tumours or rheumatoid arthritis.” How long does the treatment last?

“Only a few minutes, it is safe and painless and does not generate any side effects. The validity of oxygen-ozone-therapy is confirmed by a bibliography of over 1800 works, published since 1995 and readable on the website: which is a sort of online encyclopedia that contains all the scientific works published in the most important medical journals.