In May 2016 Luca and Isa made a dream come true. Driven by a great passion for catering, they opened the doors of the Pinseria Rustica Maremmana “La Barca”, in Castiglione della Pescaia.


Luca, after many years of study and work as a pizza maker, was joined by Isabelle, who overwhelmed him with her enthusiasm and determination. The two shared their passion for baking and together, they created a little take-away place where you could try tasty top-quality pizza.

Luca and Isa are open all year round and offer a great choice of pizzas, all well worth trying, such as the famous Pinsa Romana. Pinsa is a gastronomic product similar to pizza, but with technical differences in the preparation phase that make it particularly light, digestible and tasty. Starting with a recipe from ancient Rome, they prepare the dough using a mix of wheat, rice and soy flours, a large amount of water natural salt from Sicily and sourdough in place of yeast. After a long and rigorous process and many hours of leavening, with around 72 hours in refrigerated containers they get a mixture with a hydration over 80% that, once baked, produces a high degree of crunchiness and at the same time of softness, but above all is very digestible and healthy.

Pinsa has an oval shape, crunchy at the edges and soft on the inside and, while respecting the ancient Roman traditions, Luca and Isabelle have made it even more appetizing. They use genuine local products and personally cook all the ingredients that they choose with great care and attention. And so they are able to create healthy, new and innovative dishes, characterized by an unmistakable fragrance. You can choose from infinite toppings, indulge your imagination and ring the changes with different flavours, aromas and colours.

La Pinsa La Barca is one of their most popular specialities and Luca won a culinary competition with this original recipe. He has created a white pinsa, topped with courgette flowers, mozzarella, mascarpone, anchovy fillets, toasted pistachios and lemon zest, surprising the most demanding palates.

Those who want to experiment with radical new flavours, can try La Bocca, a special sandwich, made with dough folded onto itself by hand and cooked the oven. It’s a sort of open calzone that can be filled with Lampredotto, tripe, stewed cod or anchovies in pesto. You can also add top quality seasonal vegetables, cheeses and spices to fill it and make it tasty and suculent.

La Pinseria, in addition to always providing the best, is proud to exhibit the international certification of Original Pinsa Romana, with associated code n°83 granted after checks and tests by the Original Pinsa Romana Association which protects the authenticity of the product and certifies its excellence.

Luca and Isa continue their adventure by enthusiastically participating in training courses and culinary competitions that help them to be always up to date and ready for new challenges.


Info: La Barca Pinseria Rustica Maremmana, Via Amerigo Vespucci 17, Castiglione della Pescaia (Gr)/ Tel. 0564 933741/ Whatsapp 338 9383628/