The lightness of the soul


On an unusually hot afternoon at the end of January I met Giovanna Florio, a holistic practitioner and naturopath and now a very dear friend. Dynamic, smiling and inspired, Giovanna constantly refreshes her methods to bring the best techniques in relaxation for the well-being of body and mind to her studio in Via Borgaccio in Poggibonsi.


Following Giovanna’s recommendation I tried Theta Healing, a holistic healing technique based on connecting to Theta-type brain waves.

This technique has very ancient origins but – thanks to Vianna Stibal from the U.S. – it has been rediscovered and brought back to the light, after her 30 years of in-depth studies.

The foundation of this technique lies in the assumption that our brain has five different brain wave frequencies: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma, always in constant motion. Specifically, the Theta state is a state of deep relaxation which is activated when we dream or under hypnosis. These brain waves, slowed down to a frequency between 4-7 cycles per second, govern the part of our mind that is between the conscious and the unconscious, storing memories and sensations.

Among the benefits of Theta waves, science particularly recognizes the decrease in stress and anxiety and deep physical and mental relaxation. There is a decrease in pain and the release of endorphins, while verbal ability and IQ (intelligence quotient) performance increases.

Giovanna’s treatment has a different duration for each individual because it depends on the emotional state that characterizes it. Giovanna creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, in a warm room, on a comfortable bed and with essential oils that relax the mind with their sympathetic scents. The first question she asks is about any disturbances and on things creating suffering, insecurity, and doubt in the person’s ego, in the depths of their being.

The information received allows Giovanna to establish slow verbal communication with her eyes closed, always maintaining physical contact, hand in hand.

A good holistic operator creates a state of light hypnosis through tone of voice and innate empathy, often reaching the heart of the person being helped.

Thanks to complete personal relaxation, both muscular and cerebral, it is possible to dig into memories and arrive at the origin of trauma-causing episodes, both socially determined and in the wrong beliefs of the person themselves.

Giovanna manages to reach the highest levels of the mind and consciousness, re-educating us to feel love for ourselves. The holistic operator is able to get in touch with the creator of all that is matter on planet earth, through the energy of every living being.

Science and mysticism intersect in this holistic practice and trying it personally was an unforgettable experience but even more what strikes me is the great work that Giovanna carries out in awakening the soul.

Thanks would be an understatement and so I can only invite you to be embraced by Giovanna’s clarity, lightness and sweetness.


Theta Healing basic courses with certificate from Vianna Stibal 17 – 18 – 19 April 2021

Advanced courses for operator qualification 15 – 16 – 17 May 2021


Info: Giovanna Florio – Naturopath, Holistic Operator, Beautician, Via Borgaccio 91, Poggibonsi (Si)

tel. 0577 981383/334 8556041 /