The Loggia del Chianti is truly a loggia in Chianti. The rosebush at the window says it all, it’s a rosebush at the window of a loggia in Chianti.


Patrizia Ermini and Michele Bianco welcome us to this large restaurant, with the familiarity and grace of those who welcome you into their own home. It really is a beautiful place, in an amazing position, personalized and fully alive in its furnishings where each piece tells a story, an anecdote, a memory. 

Even the paintings on the walls are by Patrizia, who used to paint she tells us, “and I want to go back to it. Now I do it through my cooking.”

They have been running the restaurant since 1987, when it was known for ‘Michele’s Pizza’, which is still offered on Thursdays – “a sheet of pizza, huge and very thin” – rolled out with a rolling pin.

Together with his parents there is now also son Simone Bianco, who has always kept his firm roots here, in Radda in Chianti, even in the ten years spent outside as a rugby professional, together with his brother Giovanni.

The serenity of this beautiful reunited family is palpable. And it is especially so in their kitchen where knowledge and understanding of naturalness is fundamental. Here only authentic products are used and used religiously, many of them grown right here in the immense vegetable and rose garden – others are prepared here – such as the Tonno del Chianti (not just ordinary pork!) [Tonno del Chianti is made from boned piglet, it’s not fish, tr.].  Also in the game version – wild boar and Cinta Senese – also sealed and preserved, to mention one of the exclusive offerings resulting from Simone’s cuisine research.

Research ranging from the study off low cooking temperatures, to the powdering of lemon and porcini to give other examples, which we had the pleasure of tasting. He is currently very involved in an ambitious Tuscan cuisine project using freshwater (river) fish, which, in this land of many watercourses, is an original interpretation and declaration of love for the area.

The restaurant traditionally offers fish on Friday, but some seafood dishes are always on the menu. The choice of wines strictly favours the neighbouring territories and small high quality vintners.

Bread and pasta have always been home-made here, emphasising ancient grains such as those of the Mulino Val d’Orcia, employing Michele’s considerable baking skills, surprising us with his pumpkin, lemon, lavender and spinach breads as well as with his many eau de vies and his fresh rosewater, whose scent accompanies me when remembering this lovely spot overlooking the infinity of Chianti –  a perfect symbol of his knowledge of raw materials, his sensitivity to the terrain and the artistic delicacy that animates the journey of this beautiful and welcoming family of restaurateurs. 


Info: La Loggia del Chianti, Via degli Ulivi 1, Radda in Chianti (Si) / tel 0577 738491 / / Mob. 335 6244657 – 333 1764777