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Serving businesses and individuals for 20 years in computer assistance, servers, and network infrastructures.



An IT company prides itself on its services tailored to both businesses and individuals. They design, install, and optimize computer infrastructures of all sizes. Securing our clients’ computers and business servers has always been a top priority. Ransomware, viruses, hackers – every day, they endanger the productivity of thousands of businesses. Over time, they have developed solutions for computer and notebook assistance management, even for small businesses and individuals. If daily issues like malfunctioning printers, virus-infected computers, and slow corporate networks compromise your work, they can offer a tailored solution.

We interviewed the two minds behind this venture, Marco and Daniele, who founded the business in 1999.


Marco, tell us something about yourselves. Where did you start?

“Our story began in my living room over twenty years ago, way back in 1999. Daniele and I met at work. At that time, I worked for one of the first computer stores in Mugello, while Daniele had started developing websites for one of the first web agencies in the province of Florence. It was the era of 56k modems and Napster, practically the prehistory of computing! It seems like a lifetime ago. For a while, about a year and a half, we collaborated like that until we gathered the courage, and in 2002, we started our adventure as Flashinlabs. Our first ‘headquarter’ was in Piazza del Mercato in Borgo San Lorenzo, where, not long after, we also opened our retail store to the public, and we stayed there until 2020, when we moved to our new headquarters.”

Daniele, what is Flashinlabs today?

“Many things have changed in our 22 years of activity. Our business has evolved and shifted towards services aimed at businesses. This change was made possible by the continuous training we undergo and the daily value our collaborators bring to the company. They are our main added value. We are happy because over the years, we have created a young and determined team that loves this job. So, to answer your question, I can tell you that Flashinlabs today is what it is thanks to all of them, who are our real driving force.”

What services do you offer?

“Thanks to the diversified skills we have developed over time, we offer multiple services to our clients. But if I had to define our core business, I would certainly say Consultancy and IT Assistance. These three words encompass a world that ranges from “simple” IT assistance at companies to more advanced services like consulting for digital process transition, designing and developing physical or cloud infrastructures, to managing corporate cybersecurity. All of this can be provided on a consultancy basis, prepaid contract, or entirely outsourced.”

Do you also develop software?

“Yes, we have a small in-house team that directly handles the development of apps and web applications. We’re not a software house in the strictest sense of the term, but we support our clients in creating customized products that are hard to find on the market. On the web side, we can develop anything that can be viewed from a browser: from simple websites to complex corporate intranets, to niche products like WordPress plugins or Python applications.”

Marco, all these services are aimed at businesses. What about professionals?

“When we decided to move, we were very torn about whether to keep a retail store or not. In the end, we chose a location that would allow us to continue welcoming the public. We believe that, even in the age of online shopping, it’s important to maintain a ‘physical’ point where we can welcome customers and assist them, both for purchases and for the daily issues that any device can present. Making our experience, acquired in complex environments, available to everyone has always been something we wanted to do.”

Daniele, what do you have in mind for the future?

“Over the next few months, we have several exciting innovations planned, and I’ll reveal just a couple to avoid ‘spoiling’ too much. We will soon launch our new e-commerce platform, where you will find over 5000 hi-tech products from the best brands: gaming accessories, computers, components, and monitors are just some of the categories that will be available in our e-shop. In addition to this, there is another topic that is very close to our hearts: the security of our data and our customers’ data. We have always offered services related to Cyber Security to our clients, but in an increasingly digital world, cybersecurity has become an absolute priority that cannot be postponed any longer. For this reason, we have heavily invested in the internal training of our staff to create a group of cybersecurity experts capable of responding to modern needs with competence and professionalism. Therefore, we have decided to create a new division entirely dedicated to cybersecurity. A dedicated and qualified team that will be available to provide consulting, analysis, and protection services against cyber threats. But I’ll stop here because I don’t want to reveal anything else, except to stay connected so you don’t miss any updates!”



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