By Simone Bandini


Fashion – this great Italian talent that attracts enthusiastic shoppers from all over the world – finds a passionate, popular and enterprising interpretation in the Camilloni family. A story that began in the small village of Pozzuolo, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, back in 1952, and that is declined today in the shops of Pienza, Cortona, Castiglione del Lago, Montepulciano and Sinalunga. reference point for local and international shopping, thanks to a careful choice of ‘Made in Italy’ brands and the most renowned world brands. With a truly unbeatable quality/price ratio and a winning ‘personalized’ service.



And for this year? A news that you really don’t expect: the ‘Fashion Truck’, which will bring the elegance and taste of an all-Italian style to the accommodation facilities of Umbria and Tuscany – with a ‘vintage van’ that will move to conquer the most exclusive and bucolic locations.

We talk about it with our friend Alessandro Camilloni to whom, intrigued, we ask a few questions.

VALLEY LIFE: Good morning Alessandro! Your daily routine already includes a hectic combination of travel and services: from samples to replenishing stores around Umbria and Tuscany, to long days behind the counter and in the office. Have you decided to complicate your life even more?

ALESSANDRO CAMILLONI: Yes! I have certainly decided to further complicate my life and I do it mainly for two reasons: the first is the unbridled passion I have for my work; Moreover, it is my intimate conviction that the quality of our existence is not only given by the hours of work but above all by how much you like your days, even if intense, you like or not. Every day I wake up and go to ‘have fun’: in particular I like the relationship with tourists and international customers, thanks to the special human relationships that are established. In a historical period of difficulty in commerce, being able to return to providing a service ‘on the road’ but still with the quality and service that distinguish us – in direct and personal sales – is equal to the service offered by platforms such as Amazon – but with a territorial and traditionalist imprint that qualifies Made in Italy with an authentically Italian ‘experience’.



V.L.: How did the idea of the ‘Fashion Truck’ come about?

A.C.: The idea was born from the desire to go against the trend; In a world where e-commerce is increasingly on the rise, we want to return to giving value to human relationships, recovering direct contact with people. Right now, all of this can make a difference. In increasingly impersonal and globalized contexts, we, on the contrary, put history and especially our face on it.

V.L.: Can we talk about the ‘Fashion Truck’ as an itinerant appendix of Camilloni Moda?

A.C.: It’s absolutely another store of our brand, to all intents and purposes – which we intend to turn into a traveling format, operating every day, with the same efficiency as our shops.



V.L.: More and more, in the luxury structures and in the exclusive villages of Umbria and Tuscany, the idea is to put visitors and tourists in contact – with local markets and the involvement of local artists and merchants – with artisanal, productive and representative realities of the territory. Is this also the idea of the ‘Fashion Truck’?

A.C.: Yes! I believe that even those who stay in such facilities want to experience the local customs in a spontaneous and in-depth way – to learn about trends and lifestyles, always with a high level of service and image.



V.L.: What is the formula of the ‘Fashion Truck’? What can those who want to have it in their farmhouse rather than in their private villa do?

A.C.: Our Fashion Truck is an itinerant structure with two well-defined formats: the first, as you have well said, inside the accommodation facilities on the occasion of events such as parties and celebrations, or in certain stages of meetings, such as breakfasts or aperitifs; the second is our participation in national fairs and events, communicating our personal branding, our quality items around Italy and, maybe one day, around the world. Always maintaining our style.



Info: For information on the ‘Fashion Truck’ of Camilloni Moda / Tel. 075 959091.

Camilloni Moda’s shops are located in Pienza, Castiglione del Lago, Cortona, Montepulciano, Sinalunga and Pozzuolo Umbro / /