By Our Editorial Staff


Innovative solutions, quality materials, attention to detail, and meeting client expectations are the hallmarks of Finestra Italia’s work.



“For over 35 years, we’ve been in the world of windows to meet market demand, allowing homes to be lived in with maximum serenity and comfort. The variety of models and colours of our windows makes them suitable for any type of building, from classic to modern, while the different technologies are designed to meet the necessary conditions of energy savings, thermal and acoustic insulation, and security,” explains the CEO and General Manager of Atla Coop – Finestra Italia, Engineer Gianluca Beggiato.

What is your work philosophy?

We value relationships with our clients and partners; we don’t just provide quality products but also strive to understand market dynamics, optimizing timing and sales. We are highly focused on innovation, dedicating much of our time to developing new products to always ensure the best solution not only in terms of quality and performance but also aesthetics and technology.

How has your company developed?

“The company was founded in 1981 in Calenzano, initially dealing with the commercialization of aluminum window machinery. In 1992, we began production in San Piero a Sieve, specializing in a specific type of window assembly machinery, specifically milling machines. Over 30 years of experience have given us significant leadership in milling machines: we have acquired 19 patents, both nationally and in Europe. In 2009, we expanded our production to include PVC windows, overseeing the related technical and commercial organization.

So, 2009 was a very important year for you?

“Yes, it was in 2009 that the Finestra Italia brand was born, through which the company operates in the PVC window market. This was also thanks to our ongoing collaboration with Gealan, which proved to be a strategic choice. The German system provider, already aware of the distinctive elements of the Italian window market, perfectly met our needs, both for renovations and new constructions.”

How is your production line organized?

“It consists of ten key stages: from profile cutting to window packaging, with a production capacity of 70 units per shift. All workstations are assisted by dedicated computer systems for product specification input and quality control.”

What services does Finestra Italia offer today?

“All services are aimed at obtaining the best window at the right price and within the scheduled time, without compromising on the quality of our products.”

And pre-sales and after-sales consultancy?

Our team of experts provides tailored service to the client, offering personalized consultation and assistance throughout the process of choosing windows suited to various needs, including budget considerations. We have specialized software available to develop any variations, allowing us to be highly competitive in the planning phase of the work.

“Furthermore,” he continues, “taking measurements of the wall opening is crucial; this requires technique and experience, especially when replacing old windows that may be fitted under particular existing conditions. The quality of installation is also crucial in ensuring the nominal performance of the windows and providing the necessary external insulation, preventing air leaks, water ingress, and noise, which are harmful to health and household economy – think of heat loss. Regarding after-sales support, our staff is aware of the importance of assisting clients in times of need. We have never neglected this care, which is inherent in our dedication to our work. We know that choosing windows is an important moment; that’s why all our products are guaranteed to offer the best performance, reliability, and peace of mind. From 1981 to today, our goal has been one: customer satisfaction.”


Info: Via Bolognese 5, Scarperia e San Piero (Fi) / Tel. 055 849 8428 / WhatsApp: 055 849 8428 / Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9.00-13.00 / 14.00-18.00