A Cura della Redazione


From ‘Typewriter’ to ‘Cloud’: in 2023 the shop celebrated 70 years of activity.



The Giusti family has accompanied numerous businesses in Mugello and many citizens in the continuous evolutions experienced by the world of technology over 70 years. This is a family story that is intertwined with the lives of all of us, given that today, we cannot do without technological infrastructures such as computers, WiFi networks and online services.

“We have seen the evolution of data management and communication: from the typewriter to the Cloud” say the sons of the company founder.

This story begins in 1953 when Mauro Giusti, father of Paolo and Emilia who now run the business, opened an Olivetti dealership in Borgo San Lorenzo. Mauro was young and full of entrepreneurial ambitions. Here he built a family and founded one of the historic businesses in the valley.

“When my father started the business – explains Paolo – he mainly dealt with typewriters and calculators, innovative tools for the time and indispensable for the progress of the Mugello business. He was fascinated by technology and the potential it could offer. I remember that when the fax was put on the market, in the early 1980s, he couldn’t believe the level of progress we had reached. He always needed to delve into the latest news, he was a highly curious and modern person and he had made this the philosophy of his company”.

The Giusti’s activity has accompanied the growth of important local companies by providing highly innovative management solutions of data and communications, advising customers in the use of technological tools, organizing the first courses in Mugello on the use of newborn personal computers.

The history of the business has gone hand in hand with that of this land; today the times of technology have changed, technological progress is rapid and unstoppable, which is why the company constantly updates itself to provide its customers with the best and most advanced solutions to their needs.

Giusti has been the official dealer of Dylog Italia for 32 years, a leading company in programs for the management of all activities, which has now become the Dylog-Buffetti group.

Giusti sas, ISO 9001 certified, follows all types of companies: from small traders to large companies, to which it provides qualified, continuous and 360-degree IT technical assistance.

Giusti Informatica offers management programs for companies and accountants, ERP, CRM, Production and Industry 4.0.

Solutions for shops and restaurants with telematic cash registers and customized management systems.

Partner of important brands such as Kyocera, Brother and Canon offers rental and sales services of a vast selection of photocopiers, professional multifunction printers, plotters and consumables.

It also supplies all the IT products on the market. The company maintains the “Olivetti culture”, that is, an approach oriented not only to trade but which has its roots in the awareness that technological means are useful tools for the growth of the company and the entire community. An important culture transmitted by Mauro to his children and which today Paolo is passing on to his children Pietro and Matilde who work in the family business.



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