By Our Editorial Staff


Since 2006, it has been one of the most significant entities for medical-specialist consultations in the Mugello area, equipped with medical offices and consultation rooms, as well as comfortable waiting areas. We met and interviewed Dr. Luisa Setti, the center’s owner and specialized dietitian.



Luisa, how did the idea for Studio Elle come about?

Initially, it was founded in 2006 as a practice by two dietitians specialized in Eating Disorders. Over the years, it has grown both in space and professionals, now counting more than 50 specialists including ophthalmologists, dermatologists, urologists, orthopedists, endocrinologists, dietitians, psychologists, and many others. Due to the significant increase in demand, in 2016, I decided to celebrate our 10th anniversary by offering patients and local professionals larger and more welcoming facilities, relocating the Studio from the outskirts to the center of Borgo San Lorenzo.

How is the studio structured?

The new premises, on Via del Pozzino, cover an area of 200 square meters and have been completely renovated and brought up to standards to accommodate 8 medical offices. Special attention was paid to ensuring accessibility for elderly and disabled patients, with a dedicated entrance equipped with an elevator and barrier-free facilities.

What is the focus of this activity?

What has always distinguished Studio Elle is the kindness and courtesy of the staff, adequately trained to welcome patients of all ages. I have invested a lot in the secretariat, which is the true calling card of an activity that must cater to people with real needs. Many of our specialists also work in hospitals; this reassures patients about the doctor’s experience and facilitates any necessary care at a public facility when needed.

What kind of professionals can be found there?

Since its inception, due to the necessity of treating eating disorders, the Studio has required and chosen professionals with the right skills and abilities to work as a team, with specific protocols tailored to the type of patient. Thanks to this working method, patients with particular pathologies (diabetes, osteoporosis, eating disorders, learning disabilities, obesity, etc.) can access the necessary specialists on-site. The professionalism and availability that characterize us have over time led to relationships being established with public and private entities in the area, offering support and collaboration. Anyone familiar with the specialists at Studio Elle knows that the patient here is considered as a person (and not as a number) with their own history and resources. Our doctors and specialists, attentive and thorough professionals, take into account particular pathological and economic situations and, if necessary, activate protocols and appropriate fees also considering the particular historical moment.

What is the Studio’s orientation?

Oriented towards prevention and the promotion of psychophysical well-being, Studio Elle offers alternative treatment paths such as acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese massage, and naturopathy. These disciplines, focused on customizing treatment, are increasingly becoming part of the vast panorama of gentle or integrated therapies, which are no less effective, as also noted by the Tuscany Region. Prevention for us is seen as a daily action for the pursuit and maintenance of health through awareness and responsibility.

Will there be any news in the future?

For the future, we aim to further expand our range of services with the quality that has always distinguished us. In particular, we are considering the possibility of introducing new figures such as the neuropsychiatrist, neurologist, and gastroenterologist.



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