The DelBrenna family has a long tradition here in Tuscany in the creation of authentic, handcrafted jewelry and today that tradition continues to grow with boutiques in both the city of Cortona and in Kansas City, Missouri in the USA.  


A visit to their Cortona showroom and studio, a space of easy elegance in the historic center of Cortona, reveals all the new projects underway. These projects include the creation of  a new wine bar in the ancient vaulted cellar to bring friends and clients together, and naturally the creation of all the new treasures for 2021.

With the onset of summer, third generation jewelry maker and designer Sebastian DelBrenna and his American wife Megan have launched a fresh line of jewels for the season which they call the “Piazza Collection”, named after that central square which acts as the beating heart of any number of Italian towns and cities.

The Piazza collection grew naturally out an emotion:  Sebastian and Megan remained astonished by the hollow silence that fell over the piazzas and streets of their town during the worst of the pandemic, so when life began to trickle back into the open air this spring, they realized just how important the social contact of these gathering places is, and the essential vitality it lends to the community. This new collection is based on that idea – the lively conviviality, light-heartedness and sense of belonging that the piazza filled with neighbors and visitors enjoys.

The jewels incorporate DeBrenna’s signature handmade chain, an intricate family secret used in all the designs, while the form for the pieces is based on the circle, symbol of infinity and continuity.  It is a circle surrounded by small “pillars” such as those one might finds on the perimeter of a public square or a monumental building – pillars which sustain and delineate.  Megan mentions the Pantheon in Rome and Siena’s Piazza Del Campo as inspiration.

The chosen gemstone for the Piazza Collection is particularly appropriate for the summer season – luminous mother of pearl which picks up and reflects the colors around it.  It brings to mind summers at the seaside, family and friends together chatting together and the bright light and colors of the warmest time of the year. Made from sterling silver 925 with luxurious finishes, each of these jewels is made with a great deal of care and love.  They are also created to be appropriate for any occasion, from an afternoon aperitif or coffee with friends to an elegant evening out.

Sebastian and Megan DelBrenna invite you to visit both their lovely shop on Cortona’s central square and their studio and showroom in the historic Palazzo Venuti close by, to see for yourself the expertise and originality, together with true passion, that goes into the making of all DelBrenna jewelry.


Info: Piazza della Republica 12, Cortona (Ar) / Tel. negozio 0575 601518 / Ufficio 0575 630643 / Email: