By Jori Diego Cherubini


Imagine to open the window of your hotel room and lose yourself with your eyes in the green of the Val d’Orcia or in the blue of the panoramic pool overlooking the valley. The enchanting landscape of the beautiful hills that have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect setting to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and rediscover the peace of the senses. No, it is not a dream, it is the unique experience you can live in our hotel where nature dominates everything.



Our journey towards environmental sustaina­bility is a mission to which we have dedicated ourselves for thirty years – say Sabrina and Enri­ca Bellugi owners of the structure – and that we inherited from our father Leri who in 1993 mana­ged to build a Tuscan structure where the atmo­sphere is typical of the country house, pampe­red by the gentle breeze of the Val d’Orcia that makes you forget the flow of time, immersed in the harmony of nature and its silence.

The interior spaces harmoniously combine the Tuscan style with the comfort of today highli­ghting the careful attention to detail even in the outdoor spaces made of panoramic green terraces and corners that offer a breathtaking view and unforgettable moments of peace Pool edge of mineralized water completely renova­ted in 2023 with new hydromassage facilities and waterfalls. The green of the landscape and the blue of the sky contrast with the blue of the pool that from April to November guarantee a natural color therapy even at night.



The director Sabrina Bellugi opens the doors of the Wellness Center Casanova. Here every detail is first dreamed, then created and finally cured in the time: Everything is a dream – confirms the director – a desire, an emotion, born in close col­laboration with my father Leri, the first to under­stand the infinite potential of the place and with my sister Enrica we continue to pursue this dre­am that has turned into reality. We started from a small accommodation facility, and now we have seventy units; we are always on the move: every year we offer completely new services and spaces dedicated to relaxation».

The Path of Water – large swimming pool of water Chloride Sodica 32 and/34, with 18 hydromassa­ge stations water air, Geyser and Hydromassage Waterfalls, Whirlpool 34 consists. with hydrojets water and workstation WatsuSauna Finnish 80 and wet path plantar. The osmotic effect deter­mined by the saline solution on the skin, allows the elimination of toxins from the subcutaneous tissues, allowing better oxygenation.

The Etruscan Spa – Grotte Saline Etrusche – A journey of the senses through the way of livingthe ideal of the beauty of the ancient Etruscans, people who have been able to elevate body care to an eternal symbol.

A unique thermalized path that finds its origins in the ancient cures used by the Etruscan pe­ople. The water, hot and cold, pure, is enriched with magnesium and potassium to make it equipped with special therapeutic features and is used in all its forms. Through osmosis, thanks to a high concentration of potassium and ma­gnesium, penetrates the skin generating its own benefits: strengthens the immune system, moisturizes and protects the skin, especially the most sensitive, generating a cardiotonic and draining effect on the whole body, improves the quality of sleep and has a strong antistress ef­fect. An experience that involves body and mind. The therapeutic power of the water Alkaline So­dium Magnesia is enhanced by alternating ba­ths and vapors at differentiated temperatures and appropriately established that produces a form of circulatory gymnastics very useful at the level of blood vessels and muscles.

Massage Center – Holistic Rites and Techniques from Eastern and Western Cultures blend with massages to neutralize physical tensions and restore balance through the Stones, and the Kingdom of Phytocosmetics to bring relaxation and well-being.

We offer all the services of a first-class hotel – says Enrica Bellugi – Cocktail-bar overlo­oking the panoramic swimming pool, pa­noramic living room, winter garden, billiard room, e-bike, tennis, recharges electric cars and for the taste of the palate our restaurant La Taverna del Barbarossa and the Enoteca del Barbarossa made in an old farmhouse of 1200 overlooking the Valley and where the horizon can be touched only with the eye.

We make culture through the cuisine of our territory – explains Enrica – tradition and qua­lity are the two main pillars of our service here in our restaurant. The courtesy and professio­nalism of the staff accompany the customer in a unique experience. The evocative loca­tion, immersed in an enchanting panora­ma, offers the best views at sunset, when the warm lights of the setting sun are reflected in the environment and transform it.

The Valdorciana tradition is presented on the table but not only, we are also an AIC associated restaurant with a wide choice of typical dishes that also allows people intolerant to gluten to enjoy the typical dishes of local tradition. With the pleasure of food you begin to learn more about the habits and customs of the inhabitan­ts of these areas, between the explanation of a dish and the other you discover flavours that spe­ak of history and know “like once”.

A choice of life – Sabrina tells us – that as well as professional is based on the values of respect for relations “the culture of nature” that guides us in pursuing our dream where our respect for what surrounds us is the maximum expression.



Info: Wellness Center Casanova, S.S. 146 Località Casanova 6/c, San Quirico d’Orcia (Siena) / Tel. (+39) 0577 898177 – Hotel:

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