By Jori Diego Cherubini


Recovering the supply chain of ancient grains, defending the territory: this is the mission of Mulinum, the first Italian farm born from a crowdfunding operation, created thanks to the initiative of a young Calabrian entrepreneur, Stefano Caccavari, to save one of the last ancient stone mills in Calabria.



It immediately turned out to be an extraordinary undertaking: in just 3 months, 500,000 euros were raised (today over 2 million euros) and, together with a community of 100 investor members (now over 300), in January 2017, Mulinum San Floro took shape, in the small hometown of Caccavari.

A bio-sustainable farmhouse that, in the midst of unspoiled nature, relaunches the organic cultivation of ancient local stone-ground grains to obtain wholemeal flours, peasant bread according to the ancient recipe of grandparents, genuine baked goods and farm pizzas stuffed with local vegetables.

This sustainable business model soon proved to be successful and replicable throughout the country to enhance the agricultural and landscape heritage. So much so that, a few days after the inauguration of Mulinum San Floro, the echo of Caccavari’s enterprise, thanks to the power of the media, reached Tuscany, striking the heart and entrepreneurial vision of the landowner Guido Venturini del Greco.

A meeting in the enchanting Val d’Orcia, marked by the sharing of values and goals, was enough to transform Venturini del Greco from a complete unknown to a leading partner of Mulinum Buonconvento. On 23 May 2017, the signature at the notary marked the beginning of this new adventure which, although undermined by the slowness of bureaucratic procedures, opened its doors to the public on 31 July 2022.

The birth of this small biological oasis – which is located precisely on the SP 36/C at km 7 – was also made possible by the consolidated network, as well as with Venturini del Greco, which contributes to the cultivation of ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat in its expanse of 300 hectares, also with the farm of Tomaseo (known as Valter) Ligas, which cultivates Verna soft wheat for Mulinum and with the great experience and agricultural means of Vincenzo De Rosa. Caccavari’s dream is constantly growing, as is the recent production of spelt, rye and Mallorca, always exclusively local organic.

It is a real magic of nature what every day takes place at Mulinum Buonconvento, near the Castelnuovo Tancredi Estate, owned by Venturini del Greco.Here, among the rolling hills of Siena; It is possible to embark on a multisensory journey: you can visit the bio-sustainable farmhouse, guided by the story of the Mulinum project with an illustration of the mill in operation and the production process inside the Sala delle Macine. Through ears and grains of wheat, the difference between soft wheat and durum wheat and therefore between whole wheat and non-whole wheat flour is explained.

Not to be missed are the “Mani in pasta” bakery workshops, during which participants knead bread together with our bakers, discovering the magic of sourdough and bread-making.

In the tasting room – and in summer in the charming garden – it is possible to dine on platters based on local cured meats and cheeses and agricultural pizzas prepared with wholemeal flours and excellent local products.

Mulinum thus represents a place without time, where you can indulge in an experiential journey to discover the tradition and genuineness of ancient flavours.



Info: Mulinum Buonconvento – Mulino e Forno biologico, SP34/c, 53022 Buonconvento (Si) / Tel. 0577 564528 /