By Benedetta Checcarelli


Founded by Mauro Ferri in 1973, Ottica Ferri can count on a solid experience, supported by continuous training and updates. As soon as I enter the Camucia headquarters, the white interior suggests a sense of bright liveliness. We know its history better thanks to Marco, his nephew, who today supports him in the management of the business together with his sister Federica.



After various experiences in the field, Marco joined the Camucia store in 2016. From there, in 2017, with the entry of their sister, they opened the second store in Passignano Sul Trasimeno.

In November 2022, the Camucia headquarters was moved, again to Via Matteotti, but at numbers 88/90/92.

The new store consists of six windows and 170 square meters, a wide choice of innovative products and technologies in the optical sector.

“We’re expanding; we also opened the third store in Magione in 2023, so from the small family-run business that we were, a small village business, we have become bigger.”

Being opticians and optometrists, the main services offered are vision checking and contact lens fitting.

“We specialize in advanced contactology: where more serious cases occur, in which standard glasses or contact lenses do not work, we design specific lenses for pathologies such as keratoconus, corneal degeneration, ectasias, post-transplants, etc. Unlike the ophthalmic lens, which does not correct corneal defects, a specific contact lens directly improves the quality of vision.”

The measurement of vision is carried out using the latest generation instrumentation, entirely computerized. In addition to the fine-tuning of the glasses, the production process is scrupulously followed, while the lenses are supplied by world-leading companies. The crossover with the fashion sector is also of great importance: “We buy from the major fashion players, we choose at both national and international fairs, to always be in step with the times, indeed, sometimes, even anticipating them. Eyewear is now a fashion accessory, not just a corrective one. From this year, we have also started to collaborate with a specific face image-consultant, thus recommending the best shape and colour”.

The latest exclusive to arrive in the store is a new ‘Kuboraum’ line, Berlin eyewear created by two Italian designers: “This is really a niche product, not a branded luxury, recognizable by its shapes and details, which express character and personality. We therefore offer both well-known brands and lines of artisanal realities, Italian and non-Italian companies”.

With regard to vision problems, the so-called blue light is an important topic: “In addition to the smartphone, the pandemic has also changed our visual habits, as well as the intense use of devices and the visual stress induced by smart working. That’s why we think it’s important to raise awareness about what blue light is and the damage it causes.”

Also specialized in progressive lenses, we are told that not all are the same: the latest generation of progressive lenses have wide fields of vision and fast adaptation times: “Artificial intelligence, in this sense, is helping us to develop increasingly high-performance and tailor-made lenses, with the use of big data and various databases”.

He shows us a preview of an augmented reality viewer, present in about 200 centres throughout Italy. This tool maps all eye and head movements, to improve visual comfort, expanding the areas of vision: “We immediately believed in the project, patented by an Italian company, based in Lucca, with which we have always been partners”.

Another fundamental aspect is the time dedicated to individual consultation, which includes the vision test, choice of glasses and choice of lens. This means that you have a complete service – at the complete disposal of the customer. It therefore seems to us that Ferri is ‘in the perspective’ of continuous expansion: “The projects in the drawer are there. We certainly don’t limit ourselves, nor do we preclude any opportunity for growth.”


Info: Ottica Ferri Di Ferri Mauro e C. S.n.c | Via G. Matteotti, 88 – 90 – 92, Camucia – Cortona (Ar) – Tel. 0575 62285 | Viale Roma, 44, Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg) – Tel. 075 827061 | Corso Raffaele Abate Marchesi, 8, Magione (Pg) – Tel. 075 5458480 /