By Gianluca Foglietta


This is the human and artistic story of the Foglietta family, entirely devoted to art.



My father Giancarlo started painting at a very young age, expressing his passion and emotions through colours and brush – on a canvas that gradually came to life.

My brother Gianmarco and I were born and raised in a stimulating and creative environment – which completely absorbed us and made us fall in love.

With the passage of time and the progress of life, our styles have evolved and diversified, determined by personal inspirations and inclinations, helping to know each other more deeply and thus strengthening our bond, thanks to a constant and fruitful comparison.

We are completely absorbed and transported by this metaphysical flow of art – which moves us emotionally and emotionally, stimulating us to seek and experiment.

Fundamental elements in the continuous evolution and expression of ourselves – which moves towards a higher and boundless creative need: we think that every great successful project starts from a well-planned path in the present, based on solid foundations.

We are determined to carry on this artistic path based on passion, seriousness and continuous growth.

My father Giancarlo lives and works in Todi. From a very young age he began his artistic career, researching and developing his own style. During his career he has collaborated with several painters who have led him to grow and mature artistically.

Over the years he has participated in several Contemporary Art Exhibitions obtaining various awards; He has exhibited his works in several solo exhibitions and his paintings are kept in private collections.

With the passage of time and the evolution of the technique he created a strictly personal pictorial vein that characterizes him: he avoided the graphic system and focused on colour and light, creating works of clear abstract tendency, characterized by chromatic spots and resins that he personally prepares with great skill and knowledge.

Always interested in experimenting with new techniques, he dedicates himself to material works with materials, colours and particular practices that make his works absolutely unique.

Gianmarco Foglietta, my younger brother, since I was a child has had fun with me painting, inspired by the great example of his father. Growing up, he then evolved his thought and consequently the artistic approach, thus integrating sculpture and experimentation with new paints and particular techniques.

Today he loves to create multiple works, using completely personal styles, dictated by the emotions that cross him at that precise moment or based on the reflection he intends to arouse in those who observe them. For him, art is absolute freedom of thought and expression, so his goal is to trigger personal questions and create a healthy exchange of ideas and mutual enrichment.

Then there is me, son of art: I immediately followed in the pictorial footsteps of my father, growing up in an extremely stimulating environment. My research is based on different fields of study and interest that involve everything around me, ranging between different topics united by deep ties to investigate. My style is influenced by life experiences lived in different parts of the world – which have contributed to a profound metamorphosis, through contact with completely different cultures and traditions.



Art has always attracted me for its great yearning for freedom and for the ease of expressing emotions without the ‘limit’ of words. In each of my works a part of my being revives: they are a means to express energies, feelings and to establish a connection with the universe.


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