By Federico Donti


As often happens, by chance I got to know Mr. Volpi, Director of Tecno Acque of Ponte San Giovanni (Pg). The company has made its own well-defined path reaching its current identity: born in January 1980, it began to collaborate with the American agency ‘Culligan’, already present and active in the Italian territory since the 70s. From that moment began the realization of important works in the territory.



The union with Culligan gives life to Tecno Acque and later (always linked to each other) to the Swimming Pool Center. Mr. Volpi tells us that over time more than 1000 swimming pools have been built, operating on Umbria, Lazio, Tuscany and Liguria, for individuals, local and foreign professionals.

Tecno Acque takes care of providing all the information to identify the “pool of dreams”, almost always different because it is customized. It deals not only with the design and construction of swimming pools, but also with the installation of saunas, purifiers, water softeners and water conditioners.

“Thanks to continuous innovations and a competent and specialized team we are able to create swimming pools of all kinds and of any shape: indoor, outdoor, large or suitable for small spaces”, says Mr. Volpi. From the private swimming pool to the sports facility, from the wellness centre to the whirlpools, Centro Piscine / Tecno Acque di Perugia is, in fact, able to give life to valid and aesthetically admirable functional projects, with the right quality / price ratio.

Specifically, we are talking about the design of Olympic swimming pools, rectangular or free-form in-ground pools, prefabricated, reinforced concrete, with skimmers or with infinity edge, made outdoors or indoors: “Our company is able to create any type of pool”, he specifies.

The Swimming Pool Centre also provides covers for swimming pools, indispensable both during the winter and in the warmer months: the ideal solution to reduce management costs and ensure adequate safety.

“Our highly qualified staff takes care of the realization of these covers and will help you choose the type that best suits your needs: isothermal covers, used to avoid evaporation and thus reduce energy costs and water consumption; automatic or roller shutter covers for both indoor and outdoor pools; telescopic covers, ideal for withstanding snow, wind and seismic stresses for constant safety all year round”, explains us at our request.

In their offices in Ponte San Giovanni there is the technical and commercial department, with 12 employees; from the pleasant working environment, in harmony with each other, sincerity and serenity shine through, necessary for the excellent success of the work commissioned, with precision and determination, from the project to the construction site: with ISO 9001 certified works.

Tecno Acque also deals with the treatment of primary water, i.e. it allows to have drinking water with a ‘turnkey’ formula, in all sectors such as industry, hospitals, hotels, municipal and private (home), as well as dealing with the supply of materials and related maintenance.



Info: Tecnoacque Srl Via della Valtiera 235/255, Collestrada (Pg) / Tel. 075 396278 / /