By Federico Donti


The buying and selling of houses have been crossed in recent years by numerous changes, due to the national and global situation. The needs of the client are also changing, dictated as they are by more or less rational general and local trends. Today we talk about it with Simone Boccali at the headquarters of his agency “Teknomedia Immobiliare”, in Ferro di Cavallo. We converse amiably about the twentieth anniversary just celebrated in the field of sales, in Perugia and surroundings.


In his office we can already see the non-standardized attention to detail, from which I perceive the series and certain ways of working that Simone and his working group propose.

‘Teknomedia Immobiliare’ is a registered trademark at European level that today boasts three offices in the Perugia area: Ferro di Cavallo, Elce and San Sisto.

The experience of Boccali has its roots in the early 2000s, working for a large and famous network always in the real estate sector, where he grows and is formed until 2015, when Simone decides to start his own business, creating, together with his colleagues of a lifetime, his personal brand; in particular to have a complete working independence, being able to develop its philosophy and its work in the territory.

‘Technical Mediation’, precisely, and high-level, which follows the client in all phases: whether it is a sale or a restructuring, through the work of highly specialized professionals.

Since 2016 Teknomedia counts among its ranks 15 agents strictly with a minimum experience of seven years in the field – and relies on a team of notaries, technicians and legal translators to increase advice to foreign clients, which are growing strongly in the area.

Simone Boccali explains how the real estate market has changed in our territory where, in recent years, demand has grown exponentially, having been for many years less ‘popular’ than a region like Tuscany: “Those who come now have a very different perception of the past; today they see ‘Umbria’ made of countries and landscapes yet to be discovered, lived and enhanced. It happens to have to do with personal and elective life choices, but also with targeted real estate investments”.



“In ten years there will be a great economic boom” – he continues – “And Teknomedia is ready to face this new opportunity in the best possible way; Knowing very well the territory, its beauties and attractions, we can advise and direct towards the best purchase on the market, specifically also of second homes, which can be an excellent form of investment over time”.

The agency deals from land to apartments, from prestigious properties to farmhouses to be restored (with the option often requested to set up a B & B – in the wake of considerations made about the economic boom that there will be in Umbria): “We offer a rather articulated service: which extends from the 3D project to following the work on site, We recommend safe investments and give, if requested, our opinion on the technical choices of restoration, as well as extending our presence to the after-sales phase”.

“Over time I have earned the trust of the market and people, certainly due to excellent word of mouth that has accompanied our work”, he concludes.



Info: Teknomedia Immobiliare Agenzia Elce (Pg), Via Annibale Vecchi 105 / Tel. 075 45821

Agenzia Ferro di Cavallo (Pg), Via F. Gregorovius 31 / Tel. 075 5058690

Agenzia S. Sisto (Pg), Viale S. Sisto 210 / Tel. 075 5280607