Pitena Migliorini (01)

We are in Via Ferruccio, the main street of Castellina in Chianti. Here we meet Daniele Migliorini, born in 1973, authentic castellinese, who, with resourcefulness and a strong feeling for the restoration of village tradition, took over and renovated the old fondo [ground floor storeroom etc. tr.] and already used as a Bar and known, since the early 1900s, by the name of ‘Pitena’, from the nickname of its founder.


Pitena Migliorini (02)“I always used to come here with my grandfather – Daniel tells us – here they served wine, Zibibbo [a sweet wine], various main courses and ice cream, while the old folk played cards. It’s a bar that has been a big part of village history.” 

In a spirit of effective re-creation, Daniele brought the old Pitena up to present day standards, giving the town an authentic space for sociability and also providing it with a refined corner, the Vinosteria, where the young cook prepares cutting boards of meats and cheeses strictly from the area and small traditional Tuscan dishes such as panzanella, tomato soup with diced buffalo mozzarella, Florentine tripe and Fassona [a breed of cattle, tr.] tartare with lemon and dried cherry tomatoes, revisiting them with spicy combinations to give greater intensity and taste. The menu varies according to seasonal availability and the inspiration of the kitchen, while for the wine pairings they rely mainly on the cellars of Chianti: Rocca delle Macie, Castellare, Mazzei, Bibbiano and Brancaia and for the bubbles Ferghettina and Ca’ del Bosco. 

Pitena Migliorini (03)The wide assortment of meals and drinks available and its fast and friendly service make Pitena a great choice adapted to the various different moments of the day from breakfast to a light lunch, then appetizer,  dinner or evening cocktails in the charming town centre street, or in the intimacy of the internal space carved out of the oldest and most characterful part of the fondo. 

Daniele Migliorini has invested all his great skills as a designer, gained over the many years in which he has dedicated himself to the design and construction of swimming pools and large outdoor spaces, both in Italy and around the world, in the renovation not only of Pitena, but also of the other large bar in the town, Bar Italia, also recently restored to new life, while maintaining its vocation as the meeting up spot for many teenagers and other young people of the village and surrounding areas. 

Pitena Migliorini (04)“We all grew up between Pitena and the Bar Italia,” Daniele tells us, proud of the fact that, thanks to his businesses and the ability to diversify the offering in the various establishments, the castellinesi can still enjoy spaces intended for conviviality and sharing, while passing customers are offered the opportunity to really get in touch with the social hub of the place, enjoying food and wine in a fresh, young and informal renewed space.

The centrally situated Bar Italia is particularly suitable for breakfasts, quick lunches, aperitifs and celebrations. It has large indoor spaces and a panoramic terrace, where you can celebrate together, perhaps with a gourmet pizza, of a kind much appreciated by everyone in the evenings and at events organized here.

Pitena Migliorini (05)And for those who want to have a more in-depth tasting experience, we remember that Daniele – a great lover and connoisseur of the wines of his area – also takes care of the Inn Piazza Wine Bar space, which is situated in the historic Piazza beneath the fortress of Castellina. Here, independently or in collaboration with other restaurant owners in the town, he helps to enliven life on summer evenings in a Chianti village where he finds his roots and where, after travelling the world as a designer, he has decided to stay. 


Info: Pitena Lounge Bar and Vinosteria, Via Ferruccio 65 – 73, Castellina in Chianti (Si) / tel. 0577 740207.

Bar Italy, Via Trento e Trieste 34, Castellina in Chianti (Si) / tel. 0577 740258. 

Inn Piazza Wine Bar, Piazza del Comune 20, Castellina in Chianti (Si)