By Our Editorial Staff


Positivity, serenity and joy. When we talk to Sara, these are the emotions she transmits to us. Mugello native, since 2019 she has specialized in the organization of events, in particular weddings.



How did your passion for wedding planning arise?

“I have always liked weddings and in general happy moments celebrated with a party. For twenty years I was a hairdresser, then I started organizing events for friends and relatives. Thanks to the support of my husband Daniele, I have transformed this passion into a profession. I made myself known through word of mouth and today I organize all types of events, especially in Mugello.

Any occasion can be transformed into a great party. When I started organizing weddings, I would ask the bride and groom how the proposal came about. Very often I was told that they had simply talked and in the end had decided to get married. Well, I think that even the marriage proposal can be transformed into an event. And, mind you, a party can also see the participation of just those interested, it doesn’t mean that there have to be hundreds of guests”


Why do you like organizing events and weddings so much?

“Because I like to see people be happy. For me it is an incredible satisfaction to see that a child’s eyes light up because he has the birthday party of his signs, as well as to see a newly married couple kissing for the first time”



How does being a wedding planner work?

“The spouses may have more or less clear ideas about how the event should be, it is my job to try to make it unique by following the inclinations of the guests. We begin the construction of the marriage with an introductory interview. It’s helpful to understand what the bride and groom have in common and start planning from there. As a wedding planner I can take care of either organizing the entire wedding or just some aspects of the event. Some brides even ask me to go with them to choose the dress; others, however, simply ask me to make sure that everything goes in the right way during the big day”

Can you tell us a trend for weddings for next year?

“If I have to talk about a trend for 2024, innovation comes to mind while always respecting traditions. As far as decorations are concerned, I find an ever-increasing attention to respecting the environment and reducing waste. Finally, in terms of style and mood, the new year will give us the joy of reliving the 80s and 90s”


Info: Sara Grimaldi +39 349 5525157