By Our Editorial Staff


In the heart of the Mugello Valley, Cantine Zanieri has been handed down for three generations and still today keeps intact the traditions and flavours of the past, selecting the best Tuscan wines and oils of excellent quality. The love, passion and intuition handed down from father to son, have given rise to a line of wines that touch every corner of Tuscany: from the sale of wine in bulk to retail, to home delivery in the area, passing through the possibility of customizing products – up to supplies for bars, groceries and restaurants.


During the Christmas period, Cantine Zanieri is transformed into an oasis of unique food and wine gifts. From whites to reds, from rosés to bubbles, each bottle tells a story of tradition and quality. This diversity allows you to find the perfect gift, suitable to satisfy the most refined tastes.

A good white wine, with fruity flavours and floral tones, is the ideal choice for those who love lightness and refinement in every sip.

A red, characterized by body and complexity, is perfect for those who appreciate the depth and intensity of great wines.

Rosés, with their freshness and liveliness, give a touch of elegance to Christmas celebrations.

Bubbles are inevitable during this period and Cantine Zanieri offers a brilliant and refined selection. Perfect for toasting special moments.

Nicola, Claudia and Veronica are dedicated to advising and creating exclusive Christmas baskets. Each basket is curated and personalized according to personal preferences: the goal is to create the perfect gift that leaves an imprint on memories, celebrating the essence of the season with quality products and craftsmanship.



Many types of panettone and pandoro, boxes of chocolates, nougats and many other products are designed to complete the gift basket.

Celebrate Christmas with the warmth of a good glass of wine, because, after all, every drop tells a story of love, passion and authenticity.



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