By Patrizia Cherici


In the newly renovated premises, we meet Pamela and Matteo, partners in life and work, owners of L’ Angolo della Fortuna: their adventure begins in 2017 when, then engaged, they decide to leave their respective jobs and get involved in this project to create something unique: so on July 22 they open the doors of the new business, taking it over from the previous operator and immediately giving it an original imprint, inserting new technological services for users.



“The work of the tobacconist’s shop – says Matteo – is mainly carried out on three points: tobacconist’s shop, betting shop (specifically we have: Superenalotto, Lotto, 10 and Lotto, Scratch and Win) and newsstand. In this project we wanted to give a personal imprint as in our work there is no competition (selling products and offering services with fixed prices): therefore, to differentiate ourselves from other activities we focus on transparency, education and respect: for example, we pass all the ‘Gratta e Vinci’ so that every customer knows that when he comes to us, he is totally safe’.

 “Another characteristic that distinguishes us,” says Pamela, “is our open and bright character.” In fact, as you walk through the door, Pamela and Matteo are always ready to welcome you with sympathy, kindness and professionalism. “It is an activity – continues Matteo – that gives us satisfaction both in economic and human terms because there is nothing more beautiful than feeling rewarded by a smile, a greeting, an interest in how you are even outside the work environment! Ours is a job in which the sale is fast: the fact that people stay to exchange a few jokes or have a chat, makes us understand that they feel welcomed and pampered. We are particularly keen that those who come to us always leave satisfied: this is why we always try, in all respects, to find a solution as far as possible to any type of problem, offering a complete service also from the point of view of assistance.

I ask: “The Angolo della Fortuna (Fortune Corner) is it a random name or does luck knock on the door quite often?”

“We are still waiting – says Pamela smiling – for the millionaire win, but during these seven years of activity there have been many winnings: gradually sums of € 500, € 1000, € 5000 on Gratta e Vinci and € 8300 on the Lotto with a ‘terno secco’ have been collected”.

Inside the store you can find gift items (men’s and women’s costume jewelry, key rings, wallets), children’s games limited to newsstands, reading glasses, stationery products and a wide selection of greeting cards. “At The Angolo della Fortuna – continues Matteo – it is possible to make prints in both A4 and A3 format, scans via email, fax service. We also are a ‘Punto Poste’, i.e. we accept free of charge and deliver packages for all those companies that provide this method for shipping or sending. Since last year we have become affiliates of Digi Mobil: it is a company that was born in Romania, but which is establishing itself as one of the main telephone companies in all major countries as it offers solutions at very advantageous finished prices, travels on Vodafone networks and therefore has excellent line coverage.

Of course, you can also top up your phone from all other companies. A very important service that we provide concerns the payment of the various utilities (bills, car taxes and everything that is pagoPa) and the execution of bank transfers: the user through an online procedure carried out by himself can arrange a transfer without needing a current account; We provide a link where the customer enters the data and at the end a QR code is created that completes the procedure.

We also issue prepaid cards with the Mooney company: they can be recharged at the point of sale very quickly and by downloading an application it is possible to check the balance, movements and make payments: it is therefore a card in all respects, complete with Iban without the need to have a current account and with an annual cost of only € 10. Another service that few continue to have because it honestly costs a lot to maintain it are the stamped values: we therefore try to offer proposals that can be more or less productive for us, with the main purpose of being a point of reference for our users.

As far as smoking products are concerned, in addition to classic cigarettes or iqos, we offer a wide choice of cigars: since our valley is rich in farmers who grow tobacco, we have ‘Il Toscano’ as a point of reference, a historic cigar production company, but we also exhibit more sought-after references such as Il Moro which is a leading product of the Tuscan market and which is made in certified sizes, thus also assuming a value for amateurs and collectors.

They conclude: “The last thing we want to say is that, with the opening of the shop, in addition to the birth of a new business, a family was also born: here we started working when we were engaged, we got married and our little Azzurra was born”.


Info: L’Angolo Della Fortuna, Via Leonardo da Vinci 5 Anghiari (Ar) / Tel: 0575 788577 – WhatsApp 366 2894441 / Mail: (customer reference) / (administration)