Along the SR 222 Chiantigiana at the gates of Castellina in Chianti we find a well-kept terrace by the road, intrigued, we get to know siblings Salvatore and Vittoria D’Alessandro who interpret the flavors of Tuscany with an innovative and refined touch.


The La Chiantina restaurant, a true reference point for many Castellina gourmets, changed management six years ago, with Salvatore D’Alessandro, manager and pizza chef of the restaurant at its head.

In 2019, sister Vittoria, who started to show us around on our exploration of the place, joined the team.

With a moved expression, Vittoria explains that her brother Salvatore began his long and talented professional development in the restaurant business as a teenager, so as to be able to realize a dream: to manage his own restaurant.

Seasonal products are the watchword here, which is why the menu is constantly reviewed and innovated with great care and attention. Salvatore states that every single product is chosen and tested to then create a fusion of tastes that represent Tuscan cuisine in a modern way.

Spearhead of the operation is Chef Paola Ceralli, who comes from a family of bakers, which is why bread and pasta are fresh every day. Paola is crowning a long career with great pleasure in the kitchen of this restaurant.

Pizza is Salvatore’s world and, in addition to the classics, he has also introduced a gourmet line: an explosion of flavours that delight the palate and entrance the eyes.

The wine list grows more and more with particular attention to local labels, where Chianti Classico is king with its various vintages, reserves and great selections.

After such a pleasant chat we could not help but try two courses from the menu, a first and a second. Gnocchi with pecorino and truffle fondue  ̶  presented in a rounded pecorino shape  ̶  and marinated lamb, with a Chianti Classico reduction: medium cooking and the delicacy of the reduction enhance the taste and tradition.

The knowledge bank at La Chiantina is shareable with cooking courses in Italian and English held by Paola, flanked by Salvatore as regards pizza.

The restaurant, in addition to its outdoor spaces, also has a large indoor room where in autumn and winter you have the feeling of being pampered in a true family atmosphere.

There is also a lower floor where the pizza oven is located, surrounded by an elegant counter and two rooms with numerous tables  ̶  a very intimate location ideal for organizing parties and events.

Last month the staff grew with a new young recruit: little Lorenzo, Salvatore’s recently born son. Aunt Vittoria tells me that once he grows up she hopes to be able to work alongside him.

Info: La Chiantina Restaurant Pizzeria – Via IV Novembre 102, Castellina in Chianti (SI)/ Tel. 0577 741495/ Mob. 338 1744049/