By Patrizia Cherici


BF Giardini was founded in 2007 in Sansepolcro, thanks to the immense dedication to gardening of Francesco Bruschetti, founder and owner of the company. Specialized in the creation and maintenance of gardens and green areas, BF Giardini offers a complete design and gardening service, whether private or public, boasting sixteen years of experience in the sector.


 “The passion for gardening,” says Francesco, “Has accompanied me since I was a child, having grown up in the family business. At first, I worked in my father’s company, simultaneously attending many courses in one of the most important agricultural schools in Italy and obtaining certificates that I have continued to renew over time. I have done my apprenticeship in many pioneering ‘garden centres’ covering the most varied roles within their teams of gardeners and learning directly in the field, supported by experienced professionals. I have thus acquired all the knowledge on the subject of recognition of perennial tree, shrub and herbaceous families, divided by genus, species, subspecies, race and variety, knowing how to recognize their differences and affinities”.

“I learned all the related cultural operations,” he continues, “Before their planting and the related techniques for proper maintenance of pruning in different times of the year; as well as the various fertilization methods and dosages that can be used through both the root system and the foliar apparatus. Over time, I have obtained certificates and special patents for the correct use of pesticides – which are able to treat particular diseases that affect plants: these are sometimes toxic and harmful plant protection products, so it is absolutely necessary to recognize first of all the phytopathology and the alterations caused by ectoparasites, finally using the right active ingredient in the correct doses that thus respect the environment and human health”.

Of course, a good care of the plant can prevent the onset of diseases and therefore the use of these types of products: “Just as when it is possible, the use of these preparations is replaced (even preventively) with ‘corroborants‘, substances of natural origin that do not present any index of toxicity or danger, improving the resistance of the plants and protecting them from damage caused by parasites. Invigorating agents (such as propolis, stone dust, sodium bicarbonate, edible vegetable oils) are not placed on the market as ‘plant protection products’ and as such are often allowed and certified even in organic farming and therefore can also be used, for example, on fruit trees”.

Like all professions, the world of gardening is constantly evolving: “This is why training and updating are essential for renewing and revising one’s knowledge. Over the years, the catchment area has expanded considerably and we have started to work not only with private individuals, but also with companies in the local area and, outside the valley, we have been awarded public contracts in many municipalities in Italy”.

“In all these years,” Francesco continues, “in which I have passionately dedicated myself to my work, I have received many gratifications, but I can say that at the beginning of 2023 the greatest satisfaction arrived: after attending many training and specialization courses, my son Marco joined BF Giardini! This meant a dream come true for me! Marco fit in well and with great will and dedication, putting the same passion that I had (and that I still have today!). The perseverance and determination shown by my son has helped to innovate and update the family business in our times!”

Starting from the principle that details make the difference, BF Giardini, with sixteen years of experience in the field and always assisted by reliable collaborators, implements gardens with the best design tailored to the ideas and expectations of its clients, without ever neglecting essential factors such as climate, exposure and surfaces, giving concrete shape to ‘dreams’. Relying on the experience and passion of BF Giardini means enjoying moments of exclusive relaxation in a verdant garden in the shade of luxuriant and polychrome arboreal geometries.



BF Giardini’s services:


  • Creation of turf in clods or seeded.
  • Creation of flower beds with species adapted to the climate and exposure; evergreen and/or seasonal flowering, with particular attention to the type of growth, chromaticism and general harmony.
  • Creation of synthetic lawns of the highest quality with zero maintenance.
  • Aerating and regeneration of turf.
  • Garden furniture with supply and installation of outdoor lounges, whirlpools, gazebos, umbrellas, hand-finished terracotta pots and coloured resin for more modern environments.
  • Appraisals on the state of health of plants and lawns with phytosanitary interventions.
  • Prevention against pathogens and insects.
  • Earthmoving and micro-excavations.
  • Pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs (also at high altitudes through the use of an aerial platform).


Info: BF Giardini di Bruschetti Francesco, Via Bruno Buozzi 15, Sansepolcro (Ar) / Tel. 345 9737724 / Mail: