By Jori Diego Cherubini


You arrive at Claudia’s salon by crossing a part of Abbadia San Salvatore’s Old Town. Inside it’s tones of black, white, grey and red. Elegant and classic colours reflecting the personality of proprietor Claudia Fallani, here since 1990. We had a nice chat about her professional history, about hair colours, cuts and much more.



“I started out as a hairdresser when I was only 15, in 1985 – the salon’s owner tells me proudly – and that’s exactly what I had dreamed of doing as a child and, from the beginning, my father, who was practical and far-sighted, gave me a lot of support. Over the years I have refined my experience thanks to attending schools in Italy and abroad with English, French and Spanish stylists; you have to be motivated, take courses that give you the incentive to change and update yourself – being really up to date gives your customers a great sense of security.

Today – she continues – half length is fashionable for women and we are witnessing the return of fringes, which for a while seemed to have disappeared; as for colours, since we are in autumn, warm ones are required, like copper, caramel or golden blonde; while in summer cold colours work better. For men (it’s a unisex salon, ed.) we use special colours like grey and silver”.

At Claudia’s you can get all kinds of advice on colour, cut and also on trichology: “hair health – Claudia continues – is really the most important thing, so our advice always takes this into consideration: based on the type of hair we decide whether a treatment is needed or not”. Then there are the products for the care of the scalp and the roots: “We use natural lines, even with our paper and plastic; and we recommend the Italian Farmaca international for shampoos and sprays, then Wella, and Goldwell for fun bright colours: I am very selective with my brands and offer only high quality products.


A good hairdresser must always be well-trained, and go with the times, so we all regularly attend various training courses”. And the training never stops for Claudia and the young women who work with her. Giada, Sara and daughter Natalie help her and she will soon open a small beauty centre inside the salon offering massages, hair removal, manicures, pedicures, treatments, eyelash extensions and lamination as well as facials and body treatments. Claudia and the girls are all really lovely, with a lot of obvious harmony which then inevitably, shows in their work, done with much love and attention to detail.

A lot of people come here, in particular from the Val d’Orcia and both sides of the Amiata, but also foreigners who have a home here or are passing through: “our clients always tend to come back – knowing your customers is a decisive factor, empathy is needed with the ability to listen and pick up what they want through attitude and listening”.



Info: Jolye Femme di Claudia Fallani, Via Filippo Neri 34, Abbadia San Salvatore (Si) / Tel 329 6181024