By our Editorial Staff


Objective achieved in full by the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia which won the public contest relating to “Flag 5.68” “Costa degli Etruschi” by the Tuscany Region, which will finance up to 100% their fish tourism project with 92.000 euros.



“For Castiglione della Pescaia – says very satisfied mayor Elena Nappi – fish tourism means new job opportunities for fishermen; in our holiday destination, which has many excellences in the area, tourists can also go and discover what the sea offers, living truly unique days “.

“The purpose of this project – explains Nappi – has in fact the objective of enhancing healthy lifestyles by introducing fresh local fish and its nutritional properties, also giving life to a series of activities where fishing, in pairing with others in the area, will enhance the zero-kilometre supply chain “.

“Starting from next October, and until May 2023 – says the first citizen of Castiglione – we will give life to a promotion through a series of events using various local subjects, such as the Maremma Experience Consortium, who will organize meetings, conferences, seminars , workshops, show-cooking, tastings of local fish, tasting itineraries, educational and informative trips to be carried out aboard artisanal coastal fishing boats authorized for fishing tourism and educational meetings for schools ».

“The Maremma Experience Tourist Consortium, representing about 280 local activities, strongly believes in this type of project – says President Enzo Riemma – we work in synergy with all stakeholders linked to our sea to promote a communication and promotion project aimed at promoting knowledge and networking of the local offer, acting on operators and potential customers (residents and tourists), developing a model to communicate this new offer. Since this is a proposal not yet structured – concludes Riemma – we want to find the possible interactions between the fishing sector and the tourism sector. ”

All these events will take shape thanks to this important funding and will also be supported by the creation of a dedicated graphic line with a new logo, various gadgets, create a digital identity and a ‘web application’ with QR code in 3 languages, up to the printing of a cookbook for show-cooking with recipes, a banner, educational panels and promotional videos.

“I am strongly convinced of the need to support and promote new ways of using the sea – continues Nappi – especially when these are focused on environmental sustainability. Since my establishment we are constantly confronted with the operators of the fishing sector and we are carrying out a fruitful cooperation between the seafaring, the culture and the traditions of the territory. For me, all this means encouraging the development and economic growth of both the fishing sector and all related industries “.

“The Municipality believes in the goodness of the diffusion of fish tourism – concludes the mayor – and as far as we are concerned, we will provide this new opportunity with the support it deserves”.



The non-repayable grant obtained through the measure of Flag 1.43, of 92.000 euros, was financed by the European Union with 46.000 euros, the state participated with 32.200 euros and the Tuscany Region granted 13.800 euros.