By Simone Bandini


A treasure chest that contains environmental, archaeological, historical and architectural ‘diamonds’: the current network of paths in Castellina has a genesis of more than twenty years, from the ‘historic’ Pact of Pontignano between the mayors of Chianti (1997), for the establishment of a system of pan-Chianti routes, to the current cartographic and digital re-edition.



After some pioneering initial projects, in 2006 the important project ‘centoitineraripiuno’ was launched with the aim of enhancing the routes of the Florentine countryside in the Chianti area: a commitment that saw Castellina as the lead municipality, supported by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, the Tuscany Region and the Provinces of Siena and Florence.

The first result, achieved with the precious collaboration of the Salingoppe Archaeological Group, was the establishment of the ‘Via Romea Sanese’, a greenway that today unites the two cities of Florence and Siena (on the route of the ancient Romea Sanese) – which extends over 4 municipalities of Chianti Classico plus Monteriggioni and Impruneta (which we have talked about extensively in previous editions of Valley Life, n.d.e.).

A myriad of projects have started from here, including those already in place of the ‘RECC, Chianti Classico Hiking Network’ and the ‘Soft mobility in the province of Siena’ – and those being studied: paths of a historical, religious nature, of millenary anthropological value such as the Routes of the Transhumant Shepherds and the Via Micaelica del Chianti, the Way of S. Giovanni Gualberto, the Ronda dei Castelli di Confine, the Cammino Jacobeo Chiantigiano, the Route of Charles V, the Cammino della Pesa, and the Route of the Molini dell’Arbia.

Today we can enjoy, in our excursions to discover the Chianti area, a homogeneous and well-marked network of paths – thanks to the joint efforts of the Castellina administration, the Chianti Rural District, the Chianti Tourist Area and the CAI of Siena and Florence.

In particular, Castellina and Radda in Chianti have carried out, thanks to the CAI of Siena in the persons of Roberto Callaioli and Claudio Lucietto, the mapping and georeferencing of about 40 paths in their municipalities, many of which are interconnected.

The two municipalities, always active in the qualification of their territory, often with organic initiatives, then decided to go further: by commissioning a specific subject in order to carefully trace, through white and red signs on natural elements (which will soon be completed by special signs and travel times) the paths identified by the CAI – also proceeding with the work of cleaning the paths themselves. In the complexity of this operation, the survey of the properties of the roads was envisaged and, if the owners and the legal terms did not allow it, the identification of alternative routes.



Today there are many paths that can be traveled and well-marked in the territory of Castellina – accompanied by digital information (you can visit the website dedicated, as well as equip yourself with special maps, available at the tourist information points).

At present, in addition to the now ‘classic’ and panoramic route between Castellina and Radda (path 344), there are numerous other paths that dot the area. These can be articulated and combined into longer sections or in successive segments:



336: Lornano – Trasqua – Castellina Scalo railway station

348: Sicelle – Molino Petrazzo Pesa

349: Romea – La Piazza

351: La Staggia – Campalli

352: S. Leonino – Romea

354: Junction of Sagna – Pornanino

355: Romea – Il Romito Maristella – Necropolis Poggino

354: Romea – Bivio Sagna

356: Rocca delle Macie – Lilliano – Cispiano

360: Gretole – Ribaldoni – S.Agnese – SanteDame – Nittardi


Among the many, we recommend for its ‘circular’ logistics, path 345 (Romea – Macia Morta -Pietrafitta – Lucarelli) – because once you reach your destination, in the afternoon, from the small village of Lucarelli, you can easily take the bus back to Castellina (Line 125, Radda in Chianti-Siena, Autolinee Toscane).



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For further information and to discover the surroundings of Castellina in Chianti, you can consult the website, in the section “Living the Municipality” or contact the Tourist Office of Castellina in Chianti at 0577-741392 and at the email address