By Mattia Federici


Simone Torresi is a calm man, a dynamic entrepreneur who is able to bring his business together in different sectors. He is a real enthusiast of the construction industry. A sector so dear to him, who already at home, has experienced a predestined situation, with his father already in the field of excavation and earthmoving, and his uncle in the constructions field.



You also want to add a great passion for this job, and then you will be able to better understand his profile. Thus he embarked on his father’s path, setting up his own business, “Not without suffering, the crisis of 2008 was devastating” – he chuckles superstitiously. Without ever giving up, he perseveres, managing over time to start again, reaffirm himself with stability, find new lifeblood from professional collaborations: in fact, he is supported by his son Lorenzo and the resulting boost is sensational, managing to channel the projects on a different sector: the renovation of villas, farmhouses and cottages in Chianti.

An enterprising move, but one that paid off on the field from the very beginning. His is a company that bears a very specific name, ‘Torresi’. “There aren’t many who know how to be so transparent. I put my face on it”, he repeats proudly, knowing that he is doing well, in the pride of his profession: quality, efficiency, loyalty to ‘Made in Italy’, organic ensemble and landscape coherence. The latter is an essential point, since the structures we are talking about and which need a certain number of redevelopment interventions must be able to integrate with the environment in which they are inserted, making use of local materials. To respect harmony with the environment, to protect the overall balance and to integrate seamlessly into the territory that hosts them.

The works followed one another over the years, and went beyond expectations, when the Torresi company was selected and became the promoter of a project to bring a small green area of 5 x 5 m to 56 elementary schools throughout Tuscany, assembling a small grove during the day, to raise children’s awareness of the environment and the redevelopment of green areas. A project that the company has followed for the duration of three years and that makes us proud.

From all this it is clear that the bond with the territory is very deep for Simone, who replies that: “Frankly, I could not go to work anywhere else: the morphology of the territory, the stone walls, the hills full of vineyards. I never feel uncomfortable here, I feel strong.” Strengthened by a tradition of manual skills inherited over time, “even as a self-taught”, by learning the best techniques and a very precise taste, forged on the elegance of the native canons that expert eyes have analysed and assimilated over time”.

In addition to the various projects distributed in the Chianti area, however, there are also those linked to the clients of private citizens and not of the Municipality of Florence. From the maintenance of roofs and gardens, to the restoration of facades and stone walls of several historic villas of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that dot the most chosen areas of the city: Porta Romana, Via Bolognese, Poggio Imperiale, Campo di Marte. Obviously, the watchword is always the same, that is, coherence: in the use of materials, in the harmonious interlocking with the whole, masking the new with the old and always paying great care and attention.

Of course, the update is constant, both in learning new processing techniques and in the use of increasingly sophisticated equipment, but this in-depth study lives in symbiosis with what is the rule of reference.

The ultimate goal, therefore, is the incessant search for beauty, through a work made up of craftsmanship and relentless study of details, seeking in meticulousness an added value that only the years have brought to light, operating with equal skill both in interiors and exteriors.

Simone Torresi is flanked by his son Lorenzo: young and curious, he has made his way in the family business with great stubbornness, putting himself on the line despite a course of study that was not coherent, let’s say (Lorenzo graduated from the renowned Agricultural Institute of Florence); Step by step, with each client he has joined the large pool of professionals who work for his father, learning the rudiments of the trade, with a great passion that has grown in him since childhood. In short, a twenty-year-old boy with clear ideas and a good dose of ambition, intent on retracing the path traced by his father. He confesses that he would also like to rebuild the family farm, which belonged to his grandfather.

This company has really changed its skin – and is ready to take the plunge: from a family-run business to a versatile and multi-purpose structure; without forgetting its roots, firmly planted in the trinitarian identity of this activity: transparency, passion and Made in Italy.



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