By Simone Bandini


“Dream like you’re going to live forever. Live as if you were going to die tomorrow.”

(James Dean)


“I spent most of my money on alcohol, women and fast cars, the rest I squandered.”

(George Best)



For those of us who were born in the ’70s, it is not difficult to evoke the romantic aesthetic, a decadent thread, of those times still devoted to beauty and freedom, where living the good life consisted exactly in having a precise and determined style – where even roaring engines and sports cars played their daring game. Today we know the Team Cars team that is able to give back this ‘lost’ dream to sports car lovers. Imagine what a spectacle it would be to enter the Tuscan countryside with a super car!


We meet Mario Cucci, Matteo Sabatini and Francesco De Riggi at the famous Villa dei Cento Camini, better known as the Medici Villa of Artimino. We chose this place of absolute wonder – a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2013 and owned by the Olmo family since the 60s – for the photo shoot because, as they say, ‘beauty begets beauty’: from the Renaissance architectural harmonies to the ultra-technological and futuristic design of these supercars, the step is short.

The group has a respectable fleet of cars that rent on a short and long-term basis: supercars, 4-seater sports cars, convertibles, spiders, coupes and luxury SUVs.

Technically speaking, ‘long-term’ rental is really ideal for companies, professionals and individuals, as it offers considerable advantages in terms of tax deductions and deductions, simplifying the administrative management of the vehicle. The ‘short-term’ retains most of these privileges – but for specific periods of time – from a single day up to 11 months. Both solutions allow you to choose with flexible and personalized plans between always new cars with a minimum financial investment and no unexpected costs – and have all-inclusive insurance coverage.

But let’s get back to the romantic and epicurean aspects of these thunderous sports cars.

“The adrenaline-pumping sensations that these machines make you feel,” says Mario Cucci, “have always won me over. Driving them is a great emotion and it’s a pleasure regardless, beyond the functional aspect of getting around.” “In recent times, I have gone from driving a metallic silver ‘500 Abarth’ to an iconic Porsche ‘Carrera 911’, to the sporty elegance of a Mercedes ‘C 63 AMG’,” he tells us.

So it is not difficult to imagine the perfect integration of the Tuscan hills with a certain hedonism of driving – whether you travel through the rolling hills of ‘Chiantishire’ rather than the scenic Florentine hills, with breathtaking visual cuts on the city of Dante between the ancient olive groves and high dry stone walls. The Team Cars team is at your disposal to help you find your vehicle wherever you are – in a city hotel or in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

A recent American research by Dr. Witchel, commissioned by Ford, focused on capturing emotional peaks, or those magical moments that seize us when we are behind the wheel of a sports car – and that play an essential role in our overall well-being. We know how adrenaline can instil feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction – in a word, self-esteem.

Activities that are often considered equally exciting, such as watching a game of one’s favourite team at the stadium, riding a roller coaster, shopping, receiving a kiss from a loved one, taking a dance lesson or attending a ‘gourmet’ dinner with friends, were compared. What came out of it was surprising: the excitement of driving a sports car is only comparable to the rollercoaster experience, with an average of 2.1 moments of ‘euphoria’. The data was obtained thanks to a state-of-the-art emotional intelligence system that allowed the researchers to visually capture and analyse the emotions felt by the volunteers, in real time, while they were driving the sports cars.

Team Cars’ fleet of cars is truly versatile – from the unobtainable Lamborghini ‘Urus’ SUVs and the ‘Huracàn’ sports car – which we have immortalized here in its splendid ethereal white – to the timeless classic Porsche ‘992’ Cabrio, ‘Panamera’ and ‘Cayenne’ (2024 edition), the unrivalled Ferrari ‘Portofino’ and ‘California T’.

Also not to be underestimated are the other ‘commercial’ vehicles but with special equipment and accessories: such as, for example, the very fast Audi ‘RS3’ or the captivating Mercedes ‘SL 63 AMG’ and ‘GT 53 AMG’.

In the final analysis: whether it is a choice of professional mobility ‘with a VAT number’, or a day and a dream in the Tuscan hills, Team Cars is the pool of professionals you need.



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