By Carol Coller


Antonio Massarutto is a sculptor and designer, originally from the area of Friuli, who has lived and worked in Tuscany for the last 20 years.  He attended the Istituto Statale D’Arte, followed by the Accademia di Arti Applicati in Milan where he initially concentrated on both illustration and sculpture.  He later added jewelry making to his abilities while working at jewelry firms in Arezzo and Hong Kong.


In 2001 he established his studio in Cortona, where he drew his inspiration from the enchanting landscape and the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the territory. But the natural world pulled him in a new direction artistically.

While the wire and kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder and the works of Picasso have been stylistic influences, Antonio has a fascination for the animal world and the natural environment. He started his artistic career making abstract sculptures, but today his creatures include familiar beasts, such as wild boar and deer, dogs, and cattle, but also more exotic rhinoceros and crocodiles. His sculptures are often made of found and recycled materials, which led him to the concept of “land art”.  For these installations, Antonio finds a spot in the mountains or countryside and constructs a sculpture from the natural materials he finds on the site.

Antonio has exhibited successfully both at home and abroad as part of the Cortona On the Move, Artour-O in London and Florence, the Salone del Mobile of Milan, White Night Art Fair in Bologna, and the Affordable Art Fair in Milan.





Info: Via Nazionale 67, Cortona (Ar) / Tel. 0575 603495 /