By Sara and Elena


4PPROGRAM is an activity dedicated to those who want to work on their posture, have greater awareness of their body and their movements in space.



It is a fun, functional course suitable for everyone, regardless of the starting level.

Among the greatest benefits of attending the 4PPROGRAM course, improving posture is certainly in first place. It is incredible to think of how many incorrect positions are assumed during the day without even realizing it, if not too late with some painful signal manifested in one or more areas of the body.

We often don’t realize our posture in the most common situations.

Any examples? Think for a moment about how you sit when you work in front of the computer, what position you assume when you eat or the way you walk.

Elements of Postural Gymnastics prove to be one of the best ways to make sporting activity functional and pleasant.

4PPROGRAM is a pleasant activity to practice, modulated according to the level, and suitable for everyone. Immediately after the first lessons you will see the difference that will affect your posture and your movements, which will be more fluid and aware.

We start first with a dynamic conditioning to offer both the body and the mind the right charge. The exercises are partly bodyweight and partly carried out with the help of different tools such as rubber bands, medicine ball and fitball. After the initial warm-up phase, we work on functional mobility exercises, elaborated so as to work where necessary, with short sequences that improve resistance and release tension in order to strengthen without placing too much strain on the already particularly stressed parts of the body. Nothing is overlooked and every movement has the function of being perceived, somatized and naturalized. Taking some exercises defined as Tests, we evaluate the degree of motor skills at the beginning and at the end of the lesson and verify its improvement.

Physical activity, today more than ever, carries out the important task of bringing harmony and well-being into the lives of those who practice it. Sport is an essential element for those who want to follow a healthy lifestyle, in full mind-body rebalancing.

The benefits of postural gymnastics, as we mentioned at the beginning, concern a marked improvement in joint mobility and fluidity, greater elasticity and obtaining correct posture. All this leads to well-being both on the body, which is lighter and more relaxed and free to move easily in space, and on the mind, improving proprioception, i.e. the ability to perceive and govern body movements in space.

The human body is a delicate machine and in this type of activity you work with numerous joints: entrusting your training to competent hands is the only way to be sure that you carry out each exercise with care and in the correct way, without tiring yourself excessively or creating trauma.



What is Fitboxing?


Fitboxing is an adrenaline-pumping and highly engaging fitness activity that combines aerobics, martial arts and combat techniques in a single workout.


FUNCTIONAL FITBOXE is a course created specifically for those who want to train but also have fun. It combines the learning of the technical-tactical fundamentals of boxing (but without contact with an opponent) with the psychophysical benefits of aerobic activity. It is a complete program suitable for everyone, men and women, with or without experience, given that kicks, punches, knees and elbows against the bag alternate with functional exercises in the body or with small tools; all in a group, to the rhythm of music and in a safe way. In short, a truly engaging workout, which frees the mind and involves all the muscles, with the contribution of numerous benefits.

Since it is a cardiovascular workout, it promotes blood circulation and improves breathing capacity, increasing resistance; it also tones all the muscle groups of the body, as it engages many muscle groups. Finally, the high caloric expenditure during training sessions promotes weight loss.

Thanks to the fast pace of training, and the contribution of combat sports techniques, stress and aggression are reduced; concentration increases, as well as the combination of technical movements of the arms and legs in rapid sequence improves coordination considerably.


Info: The training course takes place on Mondays at 19.30 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18.15 and 19.30 at Sporting Club Borgonuovo, in Via Ilaria Alpi 1 – Scarperia di San Piero. / / Tel. 055 8498138