By Simone Bandini


“He who wore a helm, repents of the duel when it is too late.”

(Decimus Junius Juvenal)


More than a fight – between hordes of intrepid (sweetly complicated) women and ranks of brute and headless males – it is a blind and deliberate siege that, in our opinion, takes on traits of lack of awareness, resentment and obvious manipulation. A grotesque situation, but one that should not be thought to be an end in itself, harmless.

This frontal attack on the male gender, which is now the fashion of the moment, gathers a heterogeneous deployment of forces, from post-feminist factions in existential crisis, ’emptied’ by a now overwhelming victory on the field, to pseudo-progressive forces in identity crisis – and therefore strongly decadent, demonic and dissolving. Let us pass over the image given by certain representatives of modern manhood who paint their faces blood-red and wear a hairpiece, as self-flogging and admission of imperishable guilt: a mortal and original sin, a cursed belonging: that of ‘patriarchy’. Save yourself if you can!



To use evil to do evil, to destroy. We say. In support of this analysis and beyond all suspicion, let us quote here the philosopher Hannah Arendt: “The worst evil is therefore not radical evil, but is an evil without roots. And precisely because it has no roots, this evil knows no bounds.” Only the good is profound and can be radical; Evil, on the other hand, is banal, superficial and opposed to thought – which instead draws deeply, and for this reason, ironically, it cannot understand it. Evil thus spreads to the ‘surface’, in indifference and clichés, like a mould polluting the whole world.

Tragedies such as the murder of Giulia Cecchettin – fearsome drifts of the ethical, aesthetic, emotional and operational emptiness of today’s youth, and I wouldn’t even exclude the previous generation with forty-year-olds splurging on their smartphones from morning to night – become instrumental occasions of condemnation of the male gender in this sub-cultural climate. Thus a bloody act, evil in the absolute sense, is transformed into a gender-based lynching, against the ‘male’ and its unforgivable constitutive aberrations.

And such a mechanism, such a mess, only harm the honour and the feeling of respect and condolences that should be had and kept for the victim and his family. This confusion is not dignified, for the use and consumption of politics and the ‘gender revolution’. What is even more surprising, is the ‘politically correct’ attitude of the current conservative government – which loudly announces awareness campaigns with ‘sentimental education’ in schools. The patch worse than the damage. As if a murderer could be a potential reflection of our classical tradition – which on the other hand can only educate the human soul to kindness and justice.

The ‘gender struggle’ is today the new ‘class struggle’. And its promoters have a similar cultural background: from communist egalitarianism to post-capitalist levelling is a short step. The male and female genders – now de-generated, disempowered, undefined – disintegrate and lose themselves in undifferentiated ‘consumption units’, without real life, emotionally empty, for the use of the market and its demiurges.

Keep it for yourself, your purely operational life!

We have come to the final battle. And it’s not a covert operation at all. The goal is the destruction of our history, of our origins (patriarchal, alas!), of any traditional link with the past. The annihilation of all gender identity will lead to the erasure of the family we know and, soon, even love (which makes immortal what is mortal) will be just a bizarre antiquity, a stumbling block to be censored and managed.

What can we do? Rebel. Because man and woman are complementary, functional and complement each other in their prodigious otherness. Do not succumb to the logic of opposition. Love each other as in the past.


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