By Simone Cecchini


‘èsssenziale’, a Tuscan brand that works with raw materials from the Tuscan territory. A new brand with great attention to people, love for nature and for everything precious it can give. One of the core values of the ‘èssenziale’ activity, as well as the very heart of the company, is in fact that of “not throwing anything away – because everything that nature gives us has a value that it is our duty to understand and protect for the well-being of every creature”.



A Precious Oil from Grape Seeds and Much More…


As can be seen from the collaboration with the UVA PRETIOSA project, the wine supply chain produces large quantities of by-products and waste, including grapeseed, the reuse of which helps to lower the environmental impact with an increasingly careful view of a circular business economy. The seeds that are recovered from the pomace of Sangiovese grapes, go through different stages of processing until the ‘naked’ seed is obtained, which is then dried and finally subjected to cold pressing with a mechanical press. The result is an emerald green oil with a scent reminiscent of ripe grapes.

The cleaning and separation of the grape seed and its strictly cold pressing allow the extraction of grapeseed oil, which in their cosmetic line becomes a key ingredient of some products including hand conditioner, solid shampoo, cleansing cream, face cream and soap: “We produce it in a ‘limited edition’ with 60% Sangiovese di Montalcino grapeseed oil”.

From the grape seed manufacturing process we have various waste products, from which we obtain small skins, used for the infusion of Sangiovese, micro-granules and grapeseed powder which finds a peculiar use both in the cosmetics line and in food products.


A Precious Oil for the Skin from the Vineyard


“Grapeseed oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants that work in perfect synergy, giving us numerous benefits in the cosmetic field. Linoleic acid (omega 6) helps the stratum corneum of the epidermis to retain water, leaving the skin more hydrated: hence its emollient properties. It is excellent in case of rough, dry skin and dermatitis. The presence of polyphenols (catechins) and vitamin E counteract skin aging triggered by free radicals and are an excellent prevention for the onset of skin spots by preventing melanin oxidation. Being a light oil, it can also be used in case of acne-prone skin, especially if added with an appropriate essential oil with antiseptic activities such as lavender and rosemary. Grapeseed oil is also able to protect the capillaries from the action of free radicals, thus helping in case of couperose and relieving the symptoms of venous insufficiency,” Stefania Gornati tells us.

The cosmetic line with grapeseed oil, eco-sustainable and unique in its formulations, created and signed ‘èssenziale‘, places nature and the person at the centre of the company’s mission. Products designed and manufactured for daily care for the pleasure of pampering yourself with essences and scents of the Tuscan land. The line includes hand balm, cleansing cream, exfoliating soap, solid shampoo and face cream, the latter embellished with resveratrol from Sangiovese grapes (UvaLife®). All products are the result of careful research and are rich in essential oils, for the benefit of individual and specific applications of use, in search of natural well-being.

Now we talk to Claudio Gori who illustrates how kitchen products were born: “For the food market, from the conscious reuse, the line of ‘Sali Di Vino’ was born, with peel and grape seed flour, salt from the Volterra salt pans and a mix of our aromatic herbs; sage, tarragon, rosemary and bay leaf. Precious ingredients that compose, flavour and enliven various types of dishes.



In addition, with the small pomace skins that are freed from the seed during drying, we make a rosé infusion rich in polyphenols that smells of wine.

From pomace peel flour in the food sector, some ‘masters’ of the kitchen and experts in catering, are trying their hand at enhancing this by-product of the wine supply chain: a product rich in fibre, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and above all gluten-free” (

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