By Simone Bandini


“Let’s be clear champion I’m not here to say please, I’m here to tell you what to do. And if you still have a conservation instinct, you’d better do it, and right away. I am here to give a hand, and if my help is not appreciated, best wishes my lords”. (Mr. Wolf)

Quentin Tarantino, “Pulp Fiction” (1994)



“I’m Mr. Wolf and I solve problems!

“With this allegory from Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece we introduce our new visit to Gianluca Bianchini (See Valley Life “Chianti, Valdelsa and Florentine Hills”, nr. 168, summer 2022).

Entrepreneur, audio video professional, communicator, writer and film lover – Gianluca reminds us how entrepreneurship has changed and how it requires a rather scrupulous multifunctional and multi-sectoral approach, with the timely help and expertise of consultants and ad hoc professionals and maintaining a great open-mindedness, to be able, when the circumstance requires him to ‘think out of the box’: “In the workplace there are few problems that are really not solvable, often the solution is at hand but escapes us, we do not know how to identify it. This is the time to overturn paradigms and address crises from alternative points of view”, he begins.

“Over the years I have created a team of professionals: lawyers, accountants and experts in the various commercial and administrative sectors with high ‘problem solving’ skills” with whom we work in perfect synergy. Taking advantage of their know-how and my many years of experience with ‘BM Vision’ and today with ‘My Vision’. A wealth of experience and knowledge that I want to share and make available to those who may need it”, he specifies.

It is necessary to be able to be far-sighted, to foresee all the cases, what can happen, protecting oneself from unpleasant unexpected events: “I remember an important ‘fashion’ event that I organized in a section of the Boboli Gardens … Before the evening I sent a man of mine to photograph the state of all the works of art within two hundred meters of the location, so as not to be, in retrospect, attributable to ‘expensive and involuntary side effects’, he says.

Again, from the cylinder of his memories, sometimes almost crazy, which seem to come from another world: “I have completed commercial negotiations, worked and collaborated with Russians, Chinese and Japanese in various parts of the world: Tokyo, New York, Sofia, London, Paris, Havana, Miami and many other cities. I have always tried to make the best of every experience, absorb and create my own wealth of knowledge: sometimes even bizarre – but which would then prove useful, almost indispensable, to complete a future project”.

In February, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I met a certain Chen: he was at the time the President of the Chinese Friendship Association. I met him at the Palasport of Maliseti, Prato. I did not know whether or not to trust an unknown emeritus and I added, with an energetic handshake that the next day I would show up at six in the morning with a load of material for the event, ready to leave again as a rocket if agreements were not respected. Our mutual esteem and friendship were such that we went together some time later to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. He acted as my organizer and interpreter on my first business trip to China – which was a great success.



“I still remember a Russian classical music band, a group of musicians staying in hotels in a famous seaside resort on the Tuscan coast. After installing and sound checking you couldn’t see anyone… so we involved the Municipality and they made a company on purpose to allow us to be paid”, he still recalls. Because the Russian musicians, at the time of paying, had unfortunately dissolved like snow in the sun.

In short, there is always a solution – it must be ‘only’ found: “We work precisely on that ‘only’. We always make it, thanks to the right referents and ‘heads'”. An ‘exit strategy’ awaits you beyond the door. What is needed is a change of perspective, sometimes a gesture or a strongly and only apparently theatrical solution, a sort of mastery of that fleeting moment that made Professor John Keating say: “It is precisely when you think you know something that you have to look at it from another perspective. Even if it may seem silly or absurd, you have to try. Here, when you read, do not consider only the author. Consider what you think. You must fight to find your voice. The later you start doing this, the greater the risk of not finding it at all. Thoreau says that ‘many men have lives of quiet despair’, do not resign yourselves to this. Rebel! Don’t drown yourself in mental laziness, look around!

“Many times our problems do not find a solution because we insist on looking at them from the same side: instead it is necessary to transform, overturn, bring perspective and play in our favour: “It is necessary to know how to transform the ‘negative’ into the ‘positive’, this is the alchemical magic of life and business”.

“What we can do, with our group, is create opportunities even in the face of disadvantaged situations: generally I always give people the opportunity to get out with dignity. I have always believed that ‘rational things’ always lead to an agreement, so we must overcome the part of pride and emotion, the essence of every art of diplomacy. ‘Beliefs’, in fact, often ruin people…”, he continues.

Determination and confidence in one’s own means, forging oneself in adversity: “Per Aspera ad Astra is our motto”. They are essential character attributes: “At the age of 25 I was among the first students of the former legionnaire Renzo Pampalon. I remember reading an advertisement in ‘Raids’ magazine and enrolling in the ‘Born to Live’ paramilitary school.

One must understand the radical importance of honesty, of respect for agreements: “When you shake my hand for me it is more than a contract. So I developed my very particular synthesis between martial discipline and public relations. Honor and respect are not a joke and I like to think that the word given is still important for everyone, keeping me well away from a ‘hit and run’ business model.

We were born with Reaganism, Craxism, in short, you have to work hard. As Winston Churchill said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.

We therefore turn to all companies to solve problems and find the right solutions. Sic et simpliciter.



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