By Federico Donti


Paraphrasing a recent commercial from the Umbria Region, we can say that the passion and dedication of this family has managed to bring the sea to the city! This time for real, and it’s not a publicity stunt.



Also in this issue we have the pleasure of reviewing another of Perugia’s family-run historical businesses. We are interested in underlining how our small and medium-sized enterprises in the area are the driving force of our real economy, made, as in this case, of small-scale historical activities in Perugia.

And even in this case, it was passion that drove the work! And that brought the sea to Umbria!

On November 5, 1981, Remo Boccolacci together with his wife Daniela, gave life to the Pescheria Costa Azzurra; so the historic headquarters in Via Bonaiuti became a point of reference for fresh fish for all of Perugia and its surroundings, a reference supply also for the restaurants of the Umbrian area.

It is Mrs. Daniela, who represents the beacon and guide of this company – at the direction of all the work, especially in the preparation of raw and prepared products – who reminds us of the endless journeys of her husband Remo from Perugia to the sea. Over forty years of adventures, day and night, participating in the auctions of the main markets, in order to bring fresh fish back according to a principle of quality, which has always distinguished their work.

From Monday to Friday there is always a van from the Costa Azzurra fish market, which leaves from Perugia, arrives on site, and after carrying out the fish auction returns with the load to the site, with a live fish that is only a few hours old. Once in Perugia, each crate of fish is inspected and examined to ensure that everything is adequate and compliant with the law.

The goal is always to have a fish that is healthy and perfect, from head to tail. Over time, Costa Azzurra fishmonger has also opened its market in other countries, such as the Iberian Peninsula: exclusively in the winter and spring months, a load of fresh fish from Portugal and Spain arrives on Wednesday afternoons. It took years and several attempts to be able to establish an efficient and profitable business relationship: “A loyal contact of ours who buys at the port of Peniche in Portugal on our commission, as soon as the Wednesday morning market is over, sends us the goods by air cargo from Lisbon airport to Rome Fiumicino airport”, they say with pride.

In addition to this and other peculiarities, you will find on their counter various types of oysters, raw, shellfish, fish, farmed and ‘wild’ fish.

To complete the work, Remo and Daniela encouraged the three children to take over the business: Veronica, Valentina and Luca, which took place about eleven years ago, each with different tasks.

Then, on December 1, 2022, exactly after 41 years, the Pescheria Costa Azzurra changed location, with many new features and a graphic restyling.

“After so many years, we felt the need to be able to provide a better service, renovating the premises and the service – but managing to maintain the spirit that has always distinguished our work,” they explain.

In fact, in the new elegant 300 sqm headquarters with ample and convenient parking, in Via della Madonna Alta (also in Perugia), we find the same philosophy as the original store: the counter that gives space not only to fresh fish, but also to quality gastronomy (preparations such as seafood salads, skewers, etc.) set up thanks to the work of chef Fabrizio Catrana and the highly qualified staff.

The fishmonger also offers the new small catering service (only for lunch) in the dining room, offering a monthly menu designed by them; a fishmonger’s shop with a kitchen where you can eat the best that the sea can give us following seasonality, fishing periods and the chef’s imagination, with three formulas to rediscover the taste of the sea – which we recommend you discover directly at Costa Azzurra!

In addition, today it is also possible to order fish through the E-Commerce service, which will allow you to choose at your convenience and have the product delivered to your home throughout Italy.

Today the Pescheria di Remo e famiglia has about 14 people in its work group: a pride that amply repays them for their commitment of many years, with the satisfaction of all the customers who have been loyal to them for more than 40 years.



Info: Pescheria Costa Azzurra, Via della Madonna Alta, 142

Tel. 075.5006810 – 075.5007464