By Simone Bandini


We are in Quarrata, in Nicola Fiore’s operations office, overlooked by a multitude of trophies, models and prototype racing cars. It is not difficult to understand how important the world of racing is in his life: many victories to his credit in Italy and abroad, participations and placings in the Italian and European Rally Championship. Then in 2017 the decision, with his friend and insurer Paolo Campinoti, to take over the historic AutoSole dealership. “We specialize in the sale, mechanical service and rental of premium cars,” he points out. 


“Ours is a dedicated and passionate service: thanks to our love for mechanics and racing cars and, especially, because over the years we have developed a preferential purchasing channel with Germany and Eastern Europe that allows us to be very competitive in the market,” Paolo tells us.

His experience as an insurer, friendships and relationships developed in the area, have allowed Autosole 2.0 to find fertile ground and virtuously develop business and services.

“Our racing department, our pride and passion, counts a respectable sports fleet: in fact, we bought three Skoda Fabia R5 cars, the winning cars of the moment. Thus, we are able to follow rally fans and racers in the best way. Both private customers and racing teams rent them – and we follow them in tuning and also during the race, if necessary,” he adds.

The commercial short and long-term rental department has sixteen cars in different categories, utility and premium.

But how did Nicola get into the world of cars? “I am the son of a former army officer; my father ran the autosection and often escorted military authorities. He was a lover of sports cars even though he didn’t show it too much. I still remember that Sanremo Rally he took me to see with the legendary fire-red Delta all-wheel drive cars…”

“My parents did not want me to race. Yet I have spent my life racing: starting from the track and then dedicating myself totally to rallying. In 2006 I bought my first car – a Renault Clio. In 2012 I opened a stable that rented out competition cars and then finally, in 2017, with my friend Paolo, came to the perfect squaring of passion and work with AutoSole 2.0,” he specifies.

Nicola speaks with great esteem of his friend Paolo: “He had always been a broker in insurance and from his golden years had inherited a respectable portfolio of clients. So, we joined forces. I was strong in motorsport and public relations. It was really a success. He is a ‘real’ and visceral person, like me; we are longtime friends.”

“In 2109 we bought, together, the first industrial building, then another shed nearby for the workshop and racing,” he adds.

But what moves Nicola’s competitive spirit? “When the green light comes on at the start you are on the peak of adrenaline. An incredible feeling. In races I give my all since the law of the best and the strongest applies. On the contrary, when I am on the road in daily life, I am extremely respectful of the rules, precisely because I know the risks of driving.”

“Racing services and consulting are my specialty. I love this world and I am in love with my job!” he concludes.



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