By Federico Donti


Article 33 of the Italian Constitution: “The Republic recognizes the educational, social and psychophysical well-being value of sporting activity in all its forms”.


“An extraordinary step forward together with the newly approved and entered into force Sports Reform that will change the organizational, managerial and institutional face of gyms and sports centers as well as the psychophysical quality of people. Sport is the spectacle of health”. Cit. Barbara Carli


Originally from Assisi, Barbara Carli is an excellent example of female entrepreneurship, who has managed to realize her aspirations, creating a training place where the approach to the person is global, a holistic vision of well-being, starting from the body.

Staying fit is a simple thing: healthy eating, activity and physical exercise, good habits and serenity in social relationships, few indications that, however, to put them into practice, require not only commitment and perseverance but also knowledge of the laws that govern the culture of well-being.

“If we were able to provide everyone with the right amount of nutrition and exercise, neither in deficiency nor in excess, we would have found the way to health”, said Hippocrates – and it is also inspired by these words that Barbara states how “Sport is a medicine!”. In fact, she, Regional Delegate of ANIF Eurowellness for Umbria, (National Association of Sport and Fitness Facilities), is constantly committed to the promotion of sports centres so that the whole movement grows virtuously.

Area4 was founded 11 years ago from a very specific idea, to educate the highest number of people to train and a healthy lifestyle, to contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the community.

“More active, more often! Health is not only the absence of disease, but a feeling of well-being and vitality that only if we follow a correct lifestyle can we expect to have”.

Area4 is much more than a gym: an integrated system that offers a variety of services, continuous research and innovation, training and of course training. A curiosity? The name “Area 4” originates from a scientific discovery: in 1909 the German neurologist K. Brodman divided the brain into areas and named Area 4 the primary motor cortex – which is the region of the brain involved in planning, controlling and executing voluntary movements of the body.

The services offered by Area4 are simple and integrated paths: fitness, weight loss and body recomposition; sports performance and reathletization; backschool and Canali System method which provide postural gymnastics for adults and children to educate on the movement to be performed in the correct way; Group and functional training courses and classes.

Area 4 is truly an innovative and ‘boundless’ space – of over 2200 square meters – with dedicated environments: Area 4 Pro, Area 4 Flow and Area 4 Medical.

‘Area 4 Pro’ is a reserved and dedicated environment, where you can train discreetly in the company of your personal trainer, while ‘Area 4 Flow’ is: “Our Wellness Academy dedicated to holistic activities, alternatives to the world of fitness and very fashionable, such as Yoga, Pilates, Studio Reformer and postural gymnastics”, explains Barbara. Finally, ‘Area 4 Medical’ deals with physiotherapy and nutrition consultations to complete the services offered by the centre.

‘Area 4 Outdoor’, on the other hand, is an outward projection of the most classic activities: “Walks, trekking, collaborations and various partnerships with other sports associations,” he specifies. Sport, health and well-being are no longer separate areas because: “The health factor is increasingly linked to physical activity in primary prevention, from pre-habilitation – which means working on an injury-proof body – to telemedicine that puts sport and health in close contact within fitness centres,” he adds.

The gym’s areas of expertise and activity are divided into four fundamental spaces: fitness, for the targeted and personalized achievement of full physical efficiency; rehabilitation and re-education, thanks to the teamwork of the centre’s professionals; sport and competition, with particular reference to the fundamental role of the gym in the prevention of injuries and for better performance – with the technical supervision of Mattia Tanci who follows Olympic athletes, footballers, swimmers and other level sportsmen; the recreational area that enhances the social and fun factor of sport. Barbara declares decisively: “Physical activity is cheap health, inactivity is poison!

“Well-being is now a central factor in everyone’s life, in which work is an essential part. Let’s think about companies: the state of physical well-being of employees is absolutely central to the strategic development of the company. To this end, it is recommended to set up corporate welfare and well-being programs to increase not only the degree of health – but also the productivity of staff. In this area, Area 4 is already an ROI of well-being with plans and services designed ad hoc.

“The Future belongs to those who train!” … With a great spirit of initiative, Barbara Carli has always dedicated great resources and ambitious projects to this gym, also wanting to participate and invest in national initiatives that concern the world of ‘Fitness’ – thus fighting a sedentary lifestyle, raising the index of general sportsmanship and reminding us that: it is up to each of us to make the right choices!

“The best way to predict the future is to do it yourself!”




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