By Serena Lombardi


“At Stilnovo, the philosophy we are pursuing in terms of athletic training identifies an “off-field” athletic preparation both In-season and Off-season, as a crucial element for athletes of any sporting discipline”.



Speaking of the Off-season, we are pushing a lot on the greater time available at this stage of the season: the main focus is to fully develop the potential of the athletes and at the same time work on reducing the risk of injury; ours is a work system based on the principles of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS, a well-known American method), principles that are extrapolated and adapted to our context, allowing us to develop ‘non-specific’ off-field athletic preparations, which, as a key element, aim to identify deficits and dysfunctions related to movement skills (which we know are extremely dangerous in the field of injuries and very limiting for performance on the field) even before the performance ones, correct them and only when the work is done, shift all the attention to the development of the performance, with the awareness of being able to build the ‘house’ on safe foundations”, they explain.

“We want to value the athlete even before the footballer, the tennis player, the basketball player, the volleyball player. To date, this work system has allowed us, during this phase, to obtain great satisfaction with athletes of multiple sports and ages, starting from footballers and tennis players at a young age, passing through motorcyclists and freestylers, swimmers, up to the volleyball players of VBC Arnopolis (a team militant in Serie B2), and above all it has allowed us to continue the work with our athletes in the best possible way even during the entire In-season period”, they specify.

“Even more so this year, we want to make the Off-season unforgettable through a project aimed at athletes aged 12 to 16 of any discipline, which places its emphasis on elements that in recent years have been increasingly taking place in our field, namely the development of pure speed and correct running technique, without forgetting, however, of the work we usually do of S&C and care of the movement,” they continue.

“Stilnovo is not only athletic training, we also aim to welcome all those who love training and who want to ‘feel better’ through it. In combination with this, moreover, another important point to which we at Stilnovo dedicate all our commitment, is our willingness to carry out institutional activities and inclusive projects such as psychomotor activity with the young guests of the ‘Pesciolino Rosso’ day centre, a project that we have had at heart for some years but which above all also allows ‘differently abled’ people to be able to integrate into an environment that they normally do not have at all and to be able to integrate into a reality shared by all kinds of people and in addition to being able to do movement and physical activity that guarantees them an improvement in both physical and psychological well-being. For this reason, from this year we have registered in the lists of subjects who can receive donations of 5×1000: all the proceeds obtained from these contributions will be used for the creation and implementation of projects of social inclusion and promotion of physical activity for categories of fragile and disabled citizens”, they conclude.


We ask for everyone’s contribution! Donate the 5x 1000, help us to guarantee well-being and health to those who are less fortunate!



Info: Stilnovo, Via Kennedy, 10 Pratovecchio Stia (Ar) / Tel. +39 0575 83263 /


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