By Beatrice Mazzanti


The company was born from an idea of the founding partners Berni Giovanni and Orlandi Pietro, in 1966. For the first few years they started with the simplicity of wooden boxes, and then in 1968 they had the intuition to transform wood into cardboard, starting to produce boxes for silverware and jewelry.



A new project, then, for the company – which the founders carried on with their respective wives and handed down to their children in the following years.

The fathers therefore taught their trade and then, a few years later, sold the shares to the new generation. Today the company has Luca as its sole shareholder (who works together with his wife) under the careful supervision of his parents and the help of trusted employees.

The Scatolifico 2A has undergone a major transformation: from specific processing for silverware and glassware up to present days, when the market is much more dynamic and unpredictable, to commissions for big brands, developing new ideas and trends – but also perfumes and accessories.

All this by investing in state-of-the-art machinery over the last three years. At the moment the company has four production lines: small manual, semi-automatic, automatic with operational and automatic without operator.

The product is followed from the raw material to the end of the process. Furthermore, the materials used are not only cardboard but also new substrates such as rubber, plastic, foam rubber – which until recently were rarely used.

The company focuses a lot on the vertical development of quality and to select Made in Italy and eco-sustainable material.

Thinking about the problem of pollution and the UN 2030 Agenda, they are aligning themselves with the European lines of eco-friendliness in order to keep up with modernity.

The technology of the machinery is truly innovative, so much so that it is possible to produce boxes without seams, so that you cannot even see the edge; or milled boxes with sharp edges.

For them, as we have said, the excellence of the workmanship combined with the careful and careful contact with the customers is fundamental.

Luca has shown us, with his words, the dedication and passion he puts into his work: “In recent years – he tells us – a lot of resources have been invested to reach a competitive production dimension, to never stop in work and production with the introduction, moreover, of the uninterruptible power supply”.

The company welcomes twelve employees, in a very ‘familiar’ environment. Luca himself asks us to quote his words to underline their importance: “I realized that in recent years technology and machinery have certainly made a difference, but this will never replace people. Ideas, sharing, intelligence and the ‘right’ advice are all factors that only a ‘human’ mentality can guarantee.”



Info: Scatolificio 2A, Via Appennino, 44 – Pratovecchio (Ar) / Tel. +39 339 466 6694 / +39 0575 583828 / /


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