So much beauty in a desert
19/06/2017 - 10:30
virgin, vivacious, beautifully present day – will it rend for us with a beat of drunken wings (...) Stéphane Mallarmé, Le vierge, le vivace et le bel aujoud'hui (1887)   Like every morning, crumpled from the night yet still seduced by light, I scroll through the editorial emails that have arrived: press releases, newsletters, service announcements. This is something different this...
The enemies of freedom
13/03/2017 - 15:00
“It may happen that an excessive taste for material possessions leads men to put themselves in the hands of the first master who presents himself. In fact, in the life of every democratic people, there comes a very dangerous step. When the taste for material well-being grows more rapidly than the habit of civilization and freedom, there comes a time when men are swept away and almost lose their heads...
To have roots in the sky
14/12/2016 - 16:15
To have roots in the sky Ash I know standing, named Yggdrasill, a lofty tree, laved with limpid water: thence comes dew that in dales fell; stands always over the green Urd’s well. Poetic Edda , Völuspá, Prophecy of the Seeress To have a centre, and roots in the sky like the tree of life. It’s the best we could wish for you, it’s the best thing you could possibly want for yourself....
Democracy at the restaurant
02/12/2016 - 09:30
Have you ever happened to sit down to eat in a crowded and noisy restaurant? On an evening special with promise. One of those where serious talk is called for, maybe with some real emphasis. The cuisine is tasty and refined, thus stimulating exotic imaginings. From a vibrant Beaujolais Nuveau springs the eloquence of great occasions. But the conviviality is drowned in the chatter of the other diners...

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Valley Life's Properties

flat in the historical center
W – 2113
Città di Castello
This mesmerizing flat is at the heart of Città di Castello, in one of its beautiful historic buildings and includes a small garage at ground floor too. Spacious and full of light, the flat is on 2...
Luxury Flat in Arezzo
W - 0938
Four-bedroom luxury apartment, tastefully restored, in a XVIth century historic edifice in beautiful Arezzo. The apartment is over 240 sqm with two small balconies and exceptionally on one floor. It...
Villa on Lake Trasimeno
W 1205
Lago Trasimeno
Spectacular views, spacious rooms with a home feeling in every one and good value for money. The Villa is private but not isolated on 2 floors with garden and surrounding land and enough at the front...
Casa Calle
Valle del Niccone
Newly restored farmhouse and annex total of 500 square meters of living space. The main house has 6 en-suite bedrooms plus one in the guest cottage. High quality finishes, 5 x 10 pool with auto cover...
Il Poggio
Valle del Niccone
This restored farmhouse sits on the edge of a small hamlet of three restored houses with south facing views over the Niccone Valley. The house was restored several years ago by the current owner,...