By Simona Vagnoli


In the increasingly dynamic panorama of the metalworking industry, a new name is making its way in the Generating Sets sector and has chosen Casentino, more precisely Soci, for the new operational headquarters.



WIBA GENERATORS has its registered and production headquarters in Naples but has identified Tuscany as the strategic base to establish itself throughout central and northern Italy. “I still have to get used to Soci’s silence but I’m sure I made the right choice! I am falling in love with the territory, the landscape and the people who have amazed me with their kindness and helpfulness” explains Carlo Ucciero (CEO of WIBA) with the enthusiasm of someone who strongly believes in his project.

Carlo, after working for 20 years as a commercial director of a major competitor from which he was able to draw valuable skills and lessons to improve himself, decided to take on a challenge – which he himself defines as “crazy” – venturing into the world of entrepreneurs, with the opening of his own company in the Generating Sets sector in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent global crisis.

His extensive experience in the sector and his determination have paved the way for the creation of a group that is growing rapidly, offering timely and efficient commercial and technical responses, thanks to a young mentality and a dynamic approach that aims to meet customer needs with customized solutions and to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.

Next to Carlo, there is his brother Antonio who, like him, has shown great courage in leaving the permanent job he had for 15 years. Without hesitation, she followed Carlo on this adventure recognizing the unique opportunity to be part of something extraordinary, driven by an unwavering faith in the project and the belief that together they could make a difference in the industry, against all the contrary opinions that invariably hang over the heads of those who have the courage to embrace uncertainty and pursue their dreams, inspiring others to do the same.

Carlo and Antonio prove to be a great example of determination and entrepreneurial spirit and are tangible proof that success is not only achieved through safety and comfort, but through challenges, passion and tenacity.

And that’s why in their team they only welcome people with a strong desire to get involved and grow professionally, who feel part of the project and embrace it with their own energy and willpower, demonstrating passion, a sense of responsibility and initiative: “People make the difference” Carlo points out.

For now, the Naples office has 10 employees, but national and international expansion pushes them to continue their search for professionals who share their vision of dynamic work, in which merit can lead to great results.

In addition to the opening of a branch in Albania to serve the Balkan market (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo etc.), in Cameroon to cover West Africa, in the Netherlands to better serve Northern Europe (Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania etc.) and with the company already registered in the UK “WIBA GENERATORS LTD”, the arrival in Casentino foreshadows all their desire to expand quickly and even today the Ucciero brothers are looking for professionals who share their vision of dynamic work, where merit can lead to great results, including the opportunity to expand internationally.

The determination and inspiring approach of Carlo and his team have made them a force to be feared, fueling their constant desire to push the boundaries and deliver the best to customers. “We are a goldfish that dances fast and unstoppable among the slow giants of the ocean, nimbly dodging the pitfalls along the way.” Antonio points out.

WIBA deals with the production, supply, installation, service and rental of Generating Sets from 5 kVA to 3000 kVA for many different sectors. Factories, for example, need an emergency power source to keep the production line running at all times in case there is a power failure; hotels, supermarkets and hospitals to avoid power outages that could compromise the operation of elevators, air conditioning systems, industrial refrigerators and medical equipment. On construction sites, Generators are essential to power machinery. The military, NGOs and humanitarian camps are in dire need of it to carry out all their activities anywhere in the world, as well as data centers and the telecommunications sector to avoid data loss and ensure a stable and continuous connection. Open-air concerts require Generator Sets to power the speakers, lighting, bars, and toilets.

The list of sectors where they are indispensable never ends. The Generator Set is that classic product that you can find everywhere but that you don’t notice until you start thinking about it: it is used everywhere to ensure a reliable supply where the electricity grid could be interrupted or unstable, allowing activities to continue without interruption and ensuring the comfort and safety of the people involved.

The calendar of the two brothers is full of trips already planned in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States where they intend to maintain direct contact with their customers, without intermediaries and too many bureaucratic steps, even in the most remote and difficult areas.



WIBA made its debut in the evocative setting of Casentino, ensuring the success of the Tropical Party, a free summer event dedicated to music and fun that involved hundreds of participants. His significant contribution, despite the fact that the public may not have been aware of who was working behind the scenes, demonstrated WIBA’s ability to create memorable experiences and positively impact the local community even during cultural and entertainment initiatives.

While many companies choose to sponsor the sports industry, WIBA has embraced the passion for the blues and decided to support this music industry specifically.

In fact, it is the official sponsor of BLUES HIGHWAY.IT, an organization created to support “The Blues” in Italy and around the world, thanks to which many Blues Bands have already had the support to make themselves known and establish themselves in the music industry. And how could Carlo not also design a series of control panels identified with the name Memphis, to pay homage to the cradle of the Blues?

WIBA offers a vast catalogue of industrial and marine Generating Sets designed and produced directly in the Naples headquarters and installed in every part of the world and exclusively for the Italian territory guarantees the possibility of rental from 9 to 900 kVA.

The products include both standard and customized models, from 5 to 3000 kVA and are equipped with Perkins, Fpt, Baudouin, MTU, MAN, Doosan, Kubota, Yanmar engines and alternators such as Mecc Alte, Marelli, Stamford, Linz, Leroy Somer. WIBA is currently present with Generating Sets available in Italy, England, Netherlands, Ireland, Cameroon, Albania, Ukraine and Ethiopia. Service centres operate throughout Italy offering inspections, system control, delivery and positioning, installation, commissioning, overhaul, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, as well as the supply of spare parts and operator training.

In addition, WIBA also takes care of the maintenance of Generator Sets of other brands and also sells spare kits with engine oil on Amazon.





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